Matt Kali Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey l “night and day” ahead of last spring

The Panthers hope a full offseason of training will make their left tackle more stout from the start.

CHARLOTTE – If you’ve already watched enough of Matt Kalil to make up your mind about the left tackle, you might see this as a puff piece. But if you’re willing to have an open mind, perhaps you’ll see more. 

“What everybody seems to forget is Matt had major surgery,” head coach Ron Rivera reminded this week. “He didn’t have a normal offseason [last year]. He didn’t have a normal training camp.” 

Call those excuses, but that doesn’t make them invalid. 

Hip surgery is no joke. That’s what Kalil underwent in September 2016 to fix an issue that began bothering him in high school. The pain sharpened his third season in Minnesota, and his only recourse two years later was to go under the knife. 

“I’ve had knee scopes here and there, but I never had a major surgery like that,” Kalil said. “So I thought it was just, ‘OK, the problem’s fixed, now I’ll be good and it won’t hurt.’”  

And it didn’t anymore. But as surgery corrected one problem, it created others.

The longer muscles function a certain way, the longer it takes them to adjust to change. Kalil’s bad hip had limited his bend for about 10 years. So when surgery fixed the hip – where so much of the body’s anatomy is connected – the muscles around it needed time to learn a new range of mot Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey ion. 

“I was struggling in OTAs because I couldn’t really move that well yet,” he said. “My groin was having issues because of the new mobility. Probably midway in camp is when I started feeling [better].” 

For a guy whose athleticism made him a No. 4 overall pick, struggling to move was a significant problem. It didn’t help that it took him a bit to learn a new system. 

“Obviously, you saw during the season the first few games I was kind of just iffy and a little behind,” Kalil admitted.

Added Rivera:  “Early on he was stiff.”  

According to Pro Football Focus, Kalil allowed 4.0 sacks in the first three weeks of his first season in Carolina. But while sacks aren’t the only relevant measurement for a pass blocker – and rarely do we know whose assignment was whose on any given play – Kalil gave up just 3.5 sacks over his final 14 games, including the Wild Card visit to New Orleans. 

On the ground, the Pan Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale thers had much more success running outside left tackle than they had in 2016. In rushing attempts that spanned from the left hash to the left sideline, Carolina jumped from 18th to 5th in rushing yards per attempt and from 20th to 2nd in rushing first downs.

“As the season progressed, you began to see the improvement; you began to see [Kalil’s] play trend up,” Rivera said. “Now being healthy, having a healthy offseason has been good for him. So I’m excited about who he  Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey can be for us.”

That healthy offseason is vital because last spring Kalil had to spend most of his time in the training room. Now he’s graduated to the weight room for squats, power cleans, etc. You know, things offensive linemen need to be doing that Kalil wasn’t able to do a year ago. 

“I used to have to do what I could to survive. Now it’s to the point where physically nothing’s holding me back,” Kalil said. “So I have a chance to excel and work on the things I want to work on rather than doing maintenance 24/7 and just trying to survive out there. 

“I would say the point where I’m starting off now to last season is not even close. You can’t compare the two. It’s the difference between actually working out and training or rehabbing. Just from a strength standpoint, I feel night and day the difference.”

Again, I get it. Many of you have made up your minds on Kalil. But he’s the Panthers’ left tackle. May as well give him a chance to prove he and Rivera are right about season No. 2.  

“It takes a while to get back into it. That’s one thing I learned because I had never been through anything like that,” Kalil said. “You have so much stuff you have to worry about: calls, what the defense is doing, what my technique is, and on top of that, you have to worry about how I have to move so my body doesn’t hurt. 

“So now that factor is eliminated and I can actually just play football.”

Listen: Jaire Alexander Packers Jersey Press Coverage

Updates on Julius Peppers and Matt Kalil, including the ever-important question about whether either of them would Men’s Nike Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Elite Team Color Football Jersey Sale  crack a hypothetical Hornets lineup.

The podcast gets a new name (though not Jaire Alexander Jersey Sale  a new logo just yet), after which a big name on the roste Jaire Alexander Green Bay Packers Jersey r is discussed.


1:50 – Max Henson recently caught up with one Julius Peppers and shares a bit of their conversation.

4:07 – On Christian McCaffrey‘s 22nd birthday, the guys try to remember being 22 (not a problem for Max).

6:38 – Bryan Strickland marvels at how Bill Voth, long after being 22, still shows his athletic prowess.

11:04 – Bill shares what Matt Kalil has to say about his second offseason in Carolina.\

18:10 – Rules changes that could revolutionize the kickoff are afoot.

21:09 – Should Graham Gano worry about punter Michael Palardy‘s 60-yard field goal? Not really.

24:20 – If Panthers had to fill in for Hornets, who would be in the starting lineup?

Listen on iTunes or by clicking ‘play’ below.

Pan Blue Jays Anthony Alford Jersey thers, Hornets connected by coaches

Ron Rivera and James Borrego, the first full-time Hispanic head coach in NBA h Anthony Alford Jersey istory, are becoming fast friends.

CHARLOTTE – Aside from being the head coaches of the top two professional sports franchises in the state of North Carolina, Panthers head coach Ron Rivera and new Hornets head coach James Borrego have another obvious tie.

Rivera is the only current Hispanic head coach in the NFL and the third ever, while Borrego recently became the first full-time Hispanic head coach in the NBA.

They both take pride in that but don’t see it as the end-all of their budding friendship.

“We haven’t talked about it. I don’t look at it through the lens of being Hispanic or breaking barriers,” said Borrego, who attended a Panthers organized team activity for the second time Wednesday. “I think it’s just motivation to young people, that it doesn’t matter where you’re from or your background or your ethnicity; if you chase something and you want to go after it, the world is wide open for you.

“Coach Rivera and myself are examples of that.”

Rivera echoed that sentiment, saying that while the coaches’ heritage is a point of pride, “our goal is just to be the best coach.”

Rivera, who attends a handful of Hornets games every year, wants to see that happen for Borrego.

“I want to strike up this friendship because when I came here, I didn’t know anybody that I could lean on. Now I’m able to offer that to somebody,” Rivera said. “I want him to feel welcome because I want to see success. I want to see the Hornets grow and become a great team in the NBA, and I think James is off to a great start.”

Borrego, who served as interim head coac Danny Barnes Jersey h of the Orlando Magic in 2015, was joined on the practice field Wednesday by new Hornets general manager Mitch Kupchak and players Marvin Williams, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Malik Monk.

“I grew up playing football. I stopped playing in high school. I’ve always appreciated the football mentality,” Borrego said. “I’m just trying to learn from one of the best in the league.

“I’ve had a lot of respect for Coach Rivera over the years, and being around him and learning from him and watching him teach and coach this group is a real asset for me.”

Chase Blackburn reacts to NFL’s Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey new kickoff rules

Special teams coordinator believes changes designed to make the play safer could also make it more exciting.

CHARLOTTE – Before getting into the ins and outs of the NFL’s new kickoff rules, one thing should be made clear: Special teams coordinator Chase Blackburn believes the kickoff belongs in the game.

“Obviously, you want to keep it,” Blackburn said after a recent OTA practice. “You take that away and you take away a very electric part of this game.”

The NFL recently announced changes to the kickoff for the 2018 season, and many have speculated that it could be the first step toward eventually eliminating the play entirely due to safety concerns.

“It’s such an integral part of the game,” said Blackburn, who is entering his first season as coordinator after two years as an assistan Marco Estrada Jersey Sale t. “It can impact the outcome; it can create an instantaneous momentum shift. Guys are making careers from it or using it as a starting point. It creates opportunities for guys and also makes it exciting for the fans.”

Blackburn is a perfect example of one of those guys who made a career out of special teams. He beat the odds as an undrafted linebacker with the Giants in 2005 by proving to be an impact player on coverage units. Over the years, he contributed more and more on defense and finished his career with 45 starts.

It all started with special teams, and Blackburn doesn’t want to see those opportunities eliminated for guys trying to prove they belong. But he also understands the importance of making the game safer, especially as it pertains to head injuries.

“We’re taking out some of those big collisions,” Blackburn said of the rule change, which prohibits the coverage team from taking a running start and prohibits wedge blocks. “By taking away some of those collisions, I think it will reduce head injuries.”

Added special teams assistant coach Heath Farwell, who, like Blackburn, played on special teams from 2005-14: “We want safety. That’s what is best for the game in general. We want it safe for kids playing it, safe for the players here. We can fine-tune it and make it safer.”

The hope for everyone involved is that the play becomes safer while remaining exciting and impactful – like Damiere Byrd’s exhilarating 103-yard touchdown return this past season against Tampa Bay.

Speaking of impact, how exactly these rules impact kickoff strategies across the league will keep Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey  Blackburn and Farwell ver Marcus Stroman Jersey y busy during the preseason and into the regular season.

“Preseason is going to determine a lot,” Blackburn said. “It’ll be a copycat league like it always is. We’ll see what strategies are working and look at the timing and spacing. Hopefully, we’ll be the team that people are copying.”

Blackburn is eager to see what the play looks like with more speed and space on the field. No wedge blocking means no more 300-pound linemen blocking on the return team. We’ll see more linebackers, tight ends and big wideouts/defensive backs. Another change, which states that at least eight players on the returning team must be in a 15-yard setup zone closer to where the ball is kicked, should create more space for playmakers to maneuver.

“It will still be a really exciting play, I have no doubt,” Blackburn said.

And as has been the case for a few years now, teams will continue to weigh the risk/reward of hanging the ball in the air to force a return as opposed to booting it through the end zone for a touchback that comes out to the 25-yard line.

“It goes by strategy and how you feel about it,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “You have to be careful too, now. You do that against the wrong guy and it could be a quick six.”

Christian Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey McCaffrey seizing the day

Every day on the football field is a good day for the running back, and McCaffrey is loving life even more after gaining a great appreciation for it this spring.

CHARLOTTE – Three months ago, Christian McCaffrey witnessed what he feared was a tragic loss of life when he joined friends and family on a hike in his native Colorado.

Three months from now, when the regular season begins, McCaffrey could be shaking hands with the man who plummeted 20 feet onto a rock below on that fateful day.

“We didn’t think he was going to make it, but he’s living now. He’s going to Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey  come out to a game this year, which will be a lot of fun,” McCaffrey said. “He’s walking; I don’t know how he’s not paralyzed. The guy is a fighter.”

Dan Smoker Sr. was hiking with his grandson at Castle Rock when the 72-year-old, as McCaffrey put it, “basically fell off a cliff” as McCaffrey, two brothers and two friends happened by. They all sprang into action, and paramedics arrived quickly and were able to save Smoker’s life.

“I definitely try to keep in touch with him. It’s a heck of a family, a great family. It’s truly a blessing and miracle,” McCaffrey said. “When you see something like that, you definitely have a better appreciation for life and you take every moment in.”

For McCaffrey, the football field is his happy place, and this offseason he’s sharing it with his teammates. That wasn’t the case last year, when McCaffrey spent OTAs at home because of a rule (since changed) restricting rookies from schools still in session.

As a result, this is McCaffrey’s first full spring with the Panthers coming off a fulfilling first fall.

“I was back in Colorado last offseason training, but being here now is a big step,” McCaffrey said. “Obviously last year I couldn’t be here during this time, so it’s been a lot of fun being able to be here, be with the guys.

“It definitely feels different. I’m definitely a lot more comfortable with everybody and with our offense now.”

McCaffrey needed to be around last spring to get up to speed on life in the NFL, though the son of longtime wide receiver Ed McCaffrey seemed to easily make up for lost time and finished the season with the fourth-most receptions (80) for a rookie running back in NFL history.

This spring, McCaffrey is around to get up to speed with first-year offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s game plan.

“I’m real excited to learn from him,” McCaffrey said. “He’s obviously had a lot of success in the past. He’s a great footba Marco Estrada Jersey ll mind, so every day we’re just coming in and trying to get better one step at a time.”

With a new running mate in the backfield in the form of veteran C.J. Anderson, McCaffrey was asked what he foresees as his role this fall. He referred those questions to the powers that be.

“We’ll see,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “It’s a good group of guys, and we’ve got to find ways to get the ball into playmakers’ hands.

“I really like the growth we saw from Christian (last year) in terms of learning how to do thin Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey gs and doing them the right way. Now with Norv and seeing some of the things he’s done in the past with some of the guys he’s had, I feel comfortable that we’ll find ways to use him and get the ball to him.”

Panthers OTA Ob Marco Estrada Blue Jays Jersey servations: Day 7

Ron Rivera watched over another day without Trai Turner. And saw a new kicker impress.

–Right guard Trai Turner spent another day working Marco Estrada Jersey Sale  on the side with trainers. The left knee Turner injured midway through last season is “just a little sore,” according to head coach Ron Rivera, who added, “We just want to be smart because these are OTAs. We don’t want to inflame anything.” 

Amini Silatolu filled in for Turner on the right side while Taylor Moton spent the day at left guard. 

–If Moton wins the opening at left guard, the Panthers will need someone to take over the role he played as an extra tack Marcus Stroman Blue Jays Jersey le in the jumbo package. On Monday, that was Blaine Clausell.  

–While the big guys worked on situational stuff near the goal line, wide receivers and cornerbacks broke off to the opposite side of the field. No quarterbacks, no balls in the air. The wideouts worked on releases while the corners focused on pressing at the line. Veterans Torrey Smith and Devin Funchess helped play coach, offering tips to rookie Donte Jackson. Funchess did the same with Jamaal Jones, and in another coaching moment told Cole Luke, “Our job is to make you uncomfortable. That’s the job of a wide receiver.” That’s exactly what Damiere Byrd did, eliciting “oohs” after deeking out Lorenzo Doss. Even secondary coach Jeff Imamura was impressed. “That was nice,” he told Byrd. 

–Doss bounced back in team drills, picking off a Garrett Gilbert pass intended for Curtis Samuel. It’s the third straight practice Doss has had a pick. 

–First-round wideout DJ Moore also played defensive back – for a moment. He broke up an underthrown ball from Cam Newton that James Bradberry had a bead on down the right sideline. 

–Moore had one of the nicer catches of the day, going to the ground to snag a lob inside the goal line from Gilbert. “Hey 12, nice catch,” said offensive coordinator Norv Turner, evoking memories of March. 

–A few other notable moments from that same red zone drill: 

    The period started with a Newton quick slant to tight end Greg Olsen, who worked himself open against Kevon Seymour. 

    Newton later waltzed toward the left side of the end zone on a naked bootleg, gently placing the ball just inside the goal line.

    Barner, who had a drop in the opening team period, made up for that by hauling in a juggling catch as he fell to the turf. 

–When folks talk about Norv Turner’s track record, most mention the quarterbacks he’s helped. But guys like Michael Irvin, Vincent Jackson, Josh Gordon would likely say he’s pretty good for wideouts, too. “I think [our] routes are a lot more precise,” Rivera said of Turner, who broke into the NFL as the Rams wide receivers coach in 1985. “I thi Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey nk that’s exactly what you’re looking for is to see that they’re running the routes the way they need to be run. Are they as precise as they need to be? Are they run at the right depth? Are there cuts where they need to be cut? That’s the important thing that he does is make sure everybody understands that if you’re where you need to be and you’re open, the quarterback will find you and get you the ball.”

–There was a big group returning kicks: Moore, Byrd, Samuel, Jackson, Barner and Christian McCaffrey

–The day’s only absence was kicker Graham Gano, who was excused. So punter Michael Palardy got in some kicks and looked solid knocking off the rust. Palardy, who kicked and punted throughout his four seasons at Tennessee, nailed a 60-yarder that would’ve been good from at least 67. “I’ve still got it in the tank,” Palardy proclaimed. “Not a game situation, but I’ve still got it in the tank.” Afterward, Rivera said: “He’s a heck of an athlete. Just in case anything ever happened, we’d feel comfortable about having him kick. And on the inverse, we also feel if we ever had to have Graham punt that he’d be able to punt the ball well for us.” Which Gano did have to do when Andy Lee injured his hamstring ahead of his first punt against the Chiefs in 2016.  

–A few reminders from Rivera that much of what’s  Marcus Stroman Jersey seen during OTAs is only a very small part that goes into deciding position battles and roster spots:   

    –On the left guard opening: “We’re not in pads yet. So once we’re in pads, we’ll get a better feel.” 

    –On free agent addition Da’Norris Searcy sliding into a starting role at free safety: “We’ll see though, because we’re not in pads.” 

    –On fourth-round defensive end Marquis Haynes: “I think he’s a young man that’s well on his way into fitting into what we do. Again, we’ll see. Once we get into pads, you’ll have a better feel.”

–Jennifer King, who coached the Johnson & Wales women’s basketball team to the USCAA Division II National Championship this spring, is soaking in some knowledge as a coaching intern through next week’s minicamp. King is also a five-time All-American for the Carolina Phoenix women’s tackle football team.

Riveras’ event Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 bowls ’em over

The seventh annual Bowl-A-Palooza brings coaches, players, fans together for a good cause.

MATTHEWS, N.C.  – You had to wonder: If Damiere Byrd were to bowl a strike, would the wide receiver launch into his signature “Byrd call” celebration?

Byrd wondered the same thing.

“I’m not sure,” he said. “I need to get my first strike first.”

Strikes were difficult to come by Saturday, but for once Panthers players weren’t wrapped up in the competition of it all. The 40 or so players in attendance and Carolina’s coaching staff were having just as much fun as the fans who filled the 56 lanes at AMF Carolina Lanes for the seventh annual Coach Rivera Bowl-A-Palooza.

“I’m not sure who our best bowlers are, but some guys act like they are great bowlers. You’ll get a few that walk in with their own ball, but then they end up bowling like 90,” Byrd said. “It’s always a great time. Always great to see so many people come out, especia Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey lly for such a great cause.

“Coach Rivera is one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around, a players’ coach who understands what’s going on. When you have a coach who will do anything for you, you want to do things like this for him.”

The annual event is the brainchild of Ron and Stephanie Rivera, their chosen method for supporting the Ronald McDonald House of Charlotte. Stephanie said the inaugural event in 2012 raised $30,000 for the “home away from home” for families of seriously ill children. Last year’s event raised $117,000.

“Stephanie and I talked about what charities we wanted to get involved with (when Rivera joined the Panthers in 2011), and we decided on three,” Ron Rivera said. “The Humane Society of Charlotte because we’re pet lovers; the USO because of our fa Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 milies’ background in the military; and the Ronald McDona Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ld House because it serves both children and families.”

One of Saturday’s fundraising foursomes – each of which paid $1,000 to share a lane with a Panthers player – recently helped donate thousands to the Charlotte house. Members of NASCAR racer Jamie McMurray’s crew, decked out in McDonald’s jerseys, helped Chip Ganassi Racing win the Comcast Community Champion of the Year award and the right to donate $60,000 to the charity of their choice.

“This gives us another winning connection with the house,” said Jeff Dowling, who handles media relations for McMurray. “I saw something about this event and asked Jamie if he would mind sponsoring a lane today. He and Coach Rivera have become friendly. Stephanie and Ron hosted him at a game, and they’ve come to a few races.

“This is great. I’m just amazed at how many players and coaches came out to support this.”

Ron Rivera said he grew up bowling, even competing in a league in his youth. Shortly after he retired as an NFL player about 25 years ago, he came close to bowling a perfect 300 (“All we need is one strike, Ronnie!”).

“My high game is a 297. I choked on my last one,” Rivera said. “Had a chance for a 300 game but only got seven pins on my last roll.”

Around that time, the Riveras joined a bowling league in their Chicago suburb.

“He’s a very good bowler – very good. He’s got that curve, and he can tell if the lane is too oily or not oily enough,” Stephanie Rivera said. “It was a good Midwest thing to do when it was snowing outside.”

It’s also a good thing to do on a summery Saturday – for a good cause.

Grill Bil Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 l: Underrated competition?

With so much attention focused on left guard, perhaps there should be more talk about the second cornerback spot.

Website submission from Richard in Fayetteville, NC: Hey Bill, when the team gets to training camp we know people will be interested in the battle for left guard, but what other position battles will you be looking forward to? I think nickel corner and linebacker could be interesting.

Left guard and nickel, sure, but linebacker won’t be all that exciting unless you’re really interested in seeing if one of the late-round draft picks can hang on. The spot I’m not sure we’ve talked about enough is No. 2 corner. 

It’s silly to put too much weight into how they’re lining up during OTAs, but Kevon Seymour is seeing the bulk of reps with the starters. Second-round pick Donte Jackson is also getting some looks with that group while Ross Cockrell hasn’t been getting as much run as many were probably assuming. 

Again, we’ve just turned the calendar to June, so there’s a long way to go before questions like these are decided:

Will Jackson show enough in camp and the preseason to earn a starting spot by the opener? Is Seymour actually more of a threat to Captain Munnerlyn in the slot? If Jackson’s not ready and they prefer Seymour at nickel, would Coc Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey krell move up the ladder? 

The job across from James Bradberry is about as fluid as any other opening. 

A reminder: This time of year is mostly about what guys can retain from the classroom to the field, so I’d just be blowing a whole bunch of smoke if I tried to pretend either is doing much more than going through glorified walkthroughs. 

What I can tell you is Da’Norris Searcy is taking the vast majority of reps at free safety, and as he told me the other day, that’s his gig “until somebody tells me different.” 

Understandably, Rashaan Gaulden is “a little rusty” after spending so much time playing nickel at Tennessee. Once he better understands the system and gets to put pads on, he could threaten for snaps at safety. But we won’t be able to start judging him until Spartanburg, at the earliest. 

Email from Peter: Hi Bill, first I would like to challenge Adam from your post two weeks ago, saying he is the biggest fan in Germany. 🙂 Besides watching every single game, preseason, draft, etc. live, no matter what time it is, I travel to Charlotte every year to see a home game and in most years an away game as well. Now on to my question: Is Matt Kalil the long-term solution at left tackle or will we draft an LT in the next one to two years? Thanks.

First, I’m not sure much of the fan base in the States realizes how many Panthers fans live elsewhere. It’s pretty cool when you dig into web and social media analytics. 

Now, about Kalil: I get he’s a popular punching bag, but folks inside the building are excited about where he’s at right now. Namely, he’s healthy. Yeah, you heard that last year when he was coming off hip surgery. But that’s the point. He spent the majority of last offseason rehabbing. 

I chatted with Kalil for a while on Thursday, and he said the difference in where he’s at a year later is “night and day” since he’s been able to ditch the training room for the weight room. Give him a little longer before eyeing future drafts. 

Website submission from Mark in New South Wales, Australia: Hi Bill from Down Under! Would like to know what you think Cam Newton‘s stats will be for this season? Personally, I think there will be just as much play action and read option as under Mike Shula so he will end up running just as much. Keen to know your thoughts. Cheers.

Grill Bill’s gone worldwide. Obviously. 

I’m not a big stats predictor, but sure, I don’t think something like the read option is going to disappear. It’s a nice weapon to have. It would be nice if Newton doesn’t again have to make up so much of the run game, though. 

Here’s what I’ll say about the “new” offense: I think we need to remember what Ron Rivera says whenever he’s asked about it. The system they began running in 2011 had Norv Turner’s fingerprints all over it. So with Turner now in charge, it’s not like they’ve had to change a whole bunch of concepts. What you’ll probably get is more attention to the run game than in the two years Rob Chudzinski was around and more recognition of mismatches than you saw in the Mike Shula era. 

Yeah, Derek Anderson won two spot starts in 2014, but any prolonged injury to Newton would probably ruin a season regardless of his backup. More than likely, the best case scenario is what Green Bay got last year when Brett Hundley kept the Packers in the playoff hunt. Barely.&nb Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 sp;

Recency bias may make this more of a thing since Nick Foles came off the bench to win a Super Bowl for the Eagles, but there’s a reason they make movies out of stories like that. So it’s a notable opening, but I would put it way down the list of concerns.

Plus, the answer may be on the roster:

Website submission from Ezell in Albuquerque, NM: Do you think we will have a decent answer at the left guard position before the season starts?

I think this spot’s going to come down to whether Taylor Moton can win the gig. If not, Tyler Larsen may be the guy they’d trust most there. All the options come with question marks, though, so it’s unlikely the fan base will be completely convinced come Week 1. But that’s not some final cutoff.  

Remember, Andrew Norwell wasn’t even active the first six weeks of his rookie year. Perhaps a guy like undrafted free agent Brendan Mahon is a similar diamond in the rough that just needs some shine. 

Onto the lightning round … 

Sometime in July when the sale officially closes. And I don’t think he’s giving up his other job, so I imagine he’ll rack up many air miles between Charlotte and Appaloosa headquarters in Miami. 

Website submission from Jane in Cary, NC: I’m suffering through the offseason. There’s golf on TV on Sundays for Pete’s sake. What are they thinking?

At least Tiger is playing every once in a while?

Woah, let’s slow down some. Assuming he makes the team? That’s a long road ahead. 

So this is what I wrote last Thursday afternoon: “The Cavs can maybe get one game.” Wasn’t all that witty or bold, I know. Then Game 1 happened, and now I don’t know what to expect.

Cleveland could certainly crumble after that crushing finish, but LeBron is otherwordly at the moment, so maybe this series won’t be as lopsided as it appeared? 

That’s some attention to detail. You must listen to the Panthers Podcast. 

Nice guess for mine, but that’s so 2005. And the first rule of burner accounts is you don’t admit you have a burner account. Duh. 

Email from John: Who’s winning the Drake/Pusha T beef?

I know this will come as a shock to many, but that’s a bit out of my lane. So I took it to my pop culture authority, Astasia Williams of our social media team. 


“Drake will essentially win the war because of his popularity. But Pusha T is going to win a couple battles because he’s digging deep and hitting Drake where it hurts. We are in for a nice rap battle. It’s definitely going to be a Surgical Summer for the 6God.”


If you know you know.

Panthers Host Pare Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 nts Clinic

The Carolina Panthers, in partnership with USA Football, hosted a free Parents Clinic on Wednesday, May 23 at Bank of America Stadium.

Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey 2018 he Carolina Panthers, in partnership with USA Football, hosted a free Parents Clinic on Wednesday, May 23 at Bank of America Stadium.

The event helped provide mothers, whose children are interested in playing tackle football, with the latest information about the safety of the game through the Panthers and USA Football.

The Panthers athletic training staff discussed concussion recognition and a parent’s role, while also covering hydration, prevention of heat related illness and nutrition. USA Football Master Trai Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey ner Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey s educated moms on proper helmet and shoulder pad fitting while also giving them hands-on knowledge about shoulder tackling techniques on the Panthers practice fields.

If you are interested in registering for o Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey ne of the team’s other Moms Clinics, click here.

Captain Munnerlyn back on boar Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey 2018 d?

After a “very difficult” 2017 season, cornerba Men’s Majestic 6 Marcus Stroman Toronto Blue Jays Authentic Scarlet Canada Day Red Jersey ck Captain Munnerlyn is confident he’ll play a whole lot more in 2018.

CHARLOTTE – Spring is a time for new beginnings, and arguably no one on the Panthers roster was more excited for that than Captain Munnerlyn.

The wide smile has returned to the eccentric 5-foot-9 cornerback’s face after a “very difficult” 2017 season. What was supposed to be a happy homecoming proved to be anything but from an individual standpoint.

“I’m in the best shape I’ve been in in a long time. I’m ready to roll,” said Munnerlyn, who has pleased coaches with a solid start to spring practices ahead of his 10th season. “Not to say I wasn’t in shape last year, but we have a new defensive coordinator and things will probably go a little differently. I wanted to come in this year in tiptop shape for whatever my role is.”

Before looking ahead to his role in 2018, le Josh Donaldson Canada Day Jersey t’s revisit Munnerlyn’s puzzling 2017 season.

After three strong seasons with the Vikings, Munnerlyn signed a four-year deal with the Panthers, the team that selected him in the seventh round of the 2009 draft.

He was ecstatic to be home. But things didn’t go according to his plan.

“I came into the situation thinking it was going to be something different. When I signed back here I w Kevin Pillar Canada Day Jersey as like, ‘OK, I’m going to be the nickel, but I’m going to play a whole lot. If 11 personnel or three receivers are in the game, I’m going in,’” Munnerlyn said. “But it didn’t work out like that. We played a lot of big nickel. I didn’t know that was going to happen. I was in a little funk, a little bitter.

“I was all excited about coming back home and playing with TD and Luke and flying around making plays. I wasn’t prepared to come back here and play 12 snaps a game. That’s not me.”

Munnerlyn couldn’t keep his frustration bottled up. He wasn’t prepared for such a reduced role, and it shook him. When he did get on the field, he felt out of rhythm. He made it known he was upset, and that didn’t make things better.

It all came to a head in Week 15 when the Panthers were battling to secure a playoff spot and Munnerlyn was a healthy scratch against the Green Bay Packers.

“It was the first time I was made inactive my whole career,” Munnerlyn said. “Yes, I do regret how I handled the situation. I pouted, I was mad and I showed my frustration instead of just working.

“But I felt like I couldn’t show my potential on the field. I feel like I’ll have that opportunity this year.”

Munnerlyn will get a fresh start of sorts thanks to the aforementioned change at defensive coordinator, with Eric Washington taking over for Steve Wilks, now the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals.

What’s interesting about all that is the fact that Wilks was one of the primary reasons Munnerlyn wanted to come back to Carolina in the first place.

“Nothing against Coach Wilks, who is still probably the best coach I’ve ever had in my life, but I really feel like I’ll play a lot more this year,” Munnerlyn said. “I’m willing to bet my money that if I come out here working like I’ve been working this spring – gaining that trust and proving to the coaches that I can still play some football – that I’ll play a lot more.”

You might think Munnerlyn’s confidence would be shaken after a humbling season where his playing time dipped drastically.

Rest assured, that’s not the case.

“I do feel I’m still the best at my position,” Munnerlyn said. “I just want to prove I’m right about myself.”