5 off-the-field facts about Do Custom Rays Jersey ntari Poe

 Custom Tampa Bay Rays Jersey Get to know Caro http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Tampa-Bay-Rays-Jersey lina’s newest defensive tackle.

1) Dontari is a dog father.

2) He and his “Dream Team” partners run a clothing store Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Jersey .

3) He an Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rayss Home White MLB Jersey Sale d his mom have the same hair Custom Rays Jersey style.

4) His mom may be th Men’s Authentic Custom Tampa Bay Rays Alternate Navy Blue Baseball Jersey e coolest person on Instagram.

5) He may be from Memphis, TN, but he can pass on the BBQ:

Panthe Custom Rays Jersey rs sign Dontari Poe to three-year contract

Carolina has added the two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle after losing Star Lotulelei in free agency.

CHARLOTTE – The Panthers were in need of a defensive tackle, but they caught everyone off guard when they secured the services of two-time Pro Bowler Dontari Poe.

Even defensive coordinat Custom Tampa Bay Rays Jersey or Eric Washington was among those surprised to learn Carolina was in the mix for Poe on Thursday.

“(General manager) Marty (Hurney) stopped by my office,” Washington said. “And I said, ‘Oh, we’re in that ballgame?!’”

They were in it and they won it. Poe signed a three-year deal with the Panthers on Friday, and his arrival fills the hole created by the departure of former first-round pick Star Lotulelei to the Bills via free agency.

It’s a big-time move, and Washington is confident Hurney will get a return on that investment.

“In short, he really fits us,” Washington said of Poe while trying to contain his obvious excitement. “He has all the traits, the tools, the attitude, the mentality that we’re looking for with the way we want to play defense.

“He can play on an edge, he can play over the center. He can collapse the pocket. He has the ability to win one-on-one and affect the passing game by rushing the quarterback.”

Listed at 6-foot-3 and 346 pound Custom Rays Jersey s, Poe is a powerful space-eating defensive tackle with the ability to occupy double-teams. He also has the short area explosiveness to be a disruptive force consistently.

“For a man his size, he has initial quickness and get-off like we talk about all the time,” Washington said. “He can attack.”

Poe spent 2017 with the Atlanta Falcons after five seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs, who selected him with the 11th overall pick out of Memphis in 2012. His career totals include 179 tackles, 15.5 s Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Jersey acks, 14 passes defensed, two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery. He’s only missed two games in his career.

Now he’ll partner with Kawann Short, another one of the league’s most disruptive interior defensive linemen.

“With two guys of that caliber, we’re excited to see what will happen,” Washington said. “There wil Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rayss Home White MLB Jersey Sale l be times when one person will have a one-on-one opportunity and the other will complement that guy in the form of an overlap player. Both those guys will need to penetrate and change the line of scrimmage.”

Poe’s arrival does beg another important question: what about defensive tackle Vernon Butler – Carolina’s first-round pick in 2016?

He’s the No. 3 defensive tackle behind two Pro Bowlers. And Washington expects him to be a significant contributor for what is again primed to be one of the best defensive fronts in the NFL.

“This doesn’t take away from his development or our expectations for Vernon. He is going to be a fantastic pro, and he has starter ability. This third year is going to be really important for him and for us,” Washington said.

“What this does it is really solidifies the defensive tackle rotation we like to utilize. It makes it potent, formidable. That group has to be productive – and it will be.”

Transcrip Custom Rays Jersey t: Dontari Poe conference call

Two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle discusses his decision to join the Panthers on a three-year deal.

CHARLOTTE – Born in Memphis and having spent his first five NFL seasons in Kansas City, Dontari Poe has landed in another beacon for barbecue.

But when two of his new defensive coaches took him to lunch Friday, the day he signed on the dotted line with the Panthers, Poe went with the fish tacos.

“Burned out,” Poe said about passing on pork. “I still have it every now and then, though.”

Before Custom Tampa Bay Rays Jersey  leaving town, three-year contract in hand, the two-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle chewed the fat with the local media on a conference call.

On signing a three-year contract with the Panthers on the heels of a one-year deal with the Falcons as a first-time free agent last year: “It seemed like there was a little doubt from a lot of people, so I just wanted to prove to them that I could still play and that I still have a lot of good years left in front of me. I feel like I did that, and here we are.”

On his knowledge of Kawann Short and the rest of Carolina’s defensive line: “I know he’s a good player – he’s not a secret. It’s a fun defensive line, a fun defense all together. I’m excited to be a part of it.”

On news that Julius Peppers will play this upcoming season: “I heard, and I’m excited  Personalized Tampa Bay Rays Jersey about it. I’m excited to be his teammate. I watched him from the outside for a lot of years and admired his game, and now it’s going to be good to be playing with him.”

On being both a run-stuffer and penetrator: “First of all, it’s good coaching, and then I just go out there and do what I do. I work hardest in practice, and then on game days I just go out there and let loose and just have fun. I just go out and play.”

On his current weight: “It’s in pretty good control – I’m like 335, 340. I’ll probably stay around that. We’ll just keep it there.”

On why the Panthers made for a good destination: “Just because they’ve got good playmakers all around, and I just want to add to the defense. I think it’s a good chance to come in and win right Men’s Authentic Personalized Tampa Bay Rayss Home White MLB Jersey Sale  now. On film, it looks like they have a lot of fun. I want to come in here and have some fun, too. I want to be a part of Custom Rays Jersey  it.”

On whether Panthers talked to him about a potential role on offense: “No, I never had any talks with anybody. If they come up to me and say they need me, I’m down for it. We’ll see how that goes. My game is playing defensive tackle, but if they want to throw that in there, we’ll have some fun with it.”

On hi http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Tampa-Bay-Rays-Jersey s life off the field: “I mostly hang with my brothers, nieces and nephews, and I’m a mama’s boy. I don’t get into too many wild and crazy things. I mostly just chill, go to different places on vacation and just relax, pretty much.”

5 off-the-field facts abou Custom Orioles Jersey t Torrey Smith

 Custom Orioles Jersey 

Get to know Carolina’s newest wide receiver.

1) A native of Colonial Beach, Va., Torrey stayed close to home when he went to the University of Maryland.

2) Torrey is married to Chantel Smith. They have tw Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange o young Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey  boys, Torrey Jr. and Kam. 

3) He received his MBA from the University of Miami.

4) Torr Personalized Baltimore Orioles Jersey ey Jr Customized Orioles Jersey Cheap . is an internet sensation.

5) You may find Torrey on a yoga mat near you.

Torrey Smith “embraced” trade  Custom Orioles Jersey to Panthers

Speedy wide receiver wants to hit the ground running and help the Panthers do what his most recent team – the Eagles – did in 2017.

CHARLOTTE – A Super Bowl champion as both a Raven and as an Eagle, wide receiver Torrey Smith could today be considered a rare bird.

Smith is coming off a solid season and particularly productive postseason that helped Philadelphia win its first Super Bowl, and he’s under contract through 2019 at a salary that sure looks reasonable compared to what pass catchers are netting in free agency.

And yet last week, days before the new league year began, Smith was informed that he w Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange as bound for a new team.

Some might be surly. Not Smith. Not once he learned he was to become a Panther.

“I just embraced it,” said Smith, who thanked the Eagles Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey  for keeping him in the loop during a process he understood was spurred by a tight salary cap situation in Philly. “If I were a free agent, this would have been one of my favorite choices, one of my top destinations. I get to come here in a simple way and not have to worry about the circus that is free agency.

“It’s pretty cool http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Baltimore-Orioles-Jersey , and I’m excited about the opportunity.”

Smith came to Charlotte earlier in the week to get a physical – hanging out with former Panther and former Ravens teammate Steve Smith while passing through – and then on Wednesday the trade finally became official. While Torrey Smith likened Steve Smith to a big brother, his relationship with a current Carolina star Custom Orioles Jersey  will be front and center soon enough.

“I know Cam. We came in together, used to work out together a few offseasons. That helps, being comfortable with him,” Smith said of Newton, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2011 NFL Draft when Smith went No. 58 to the Ravens. “We were the same year, so you meet people through the process. We both happened to be Under Armour athletes, so that helped in terms of rubbing elbows.

Got some good work in with @rlcobb18 @cameron1newton @kelvinbenjamin13 Anthony Walters and Fxstudio Shoutouts to Dunbar HS football they were grinding and then watched us

A post shared by Torrey Smith (@torreysmithwr) on

“We’ve been able to text a little bit – haven’t talked on the phone yet. But everyone says, ‘You’re going to love the team, love the organization, love the city.’ That comes from guys that I trust, even guys who contacted me who aren’t on this team now who told me, ‘Man, you’re going to love it.’

“That’s all I needed to hear. I’m very comfortable with the move and thankful.”

Smith wouldn’t go so far as to say he’s looking for a fresh start – winning a Super Bowl can have that effect. But he was the third option at receiver for the Eagles last season – further down the depth chart than accustomed. The blazing fast Smith averaged 898 yards and 7.5 touchdowns receptions through four seasons with the Ravens to start his pro career. He then signed with the 49ers, where he totaled 930 yards and seven touchdowns in two seasons for a team that went 7-25.

San Francisco released Smith just before free agency cranked up a year ago, and the Eagles wasted no time signing him. He had 430 receiving yards and two touchdowns playing with/behind re-emerging top target Alshon Jeffery and emerging third-year target Nelson Agholor.

In Carolina, he joins a receivers room trying to figure out things beyond Devin Funchess.

“For me, I’m definitely excited, but I try not to look at it from a selfish point of view because it’s a new team and I have to prove myself,” Smith said. “Nothing is handed to me. I’m confident in my abilities, and I’m going to give it everything I have to be the best player I can be and play the best I can play. If I do that, that will be more than enough.

“I’m just looking forward to coming in, working hard, proving myself to the guys on this team. I want to show that the trade was worth it and ultimately want Personalized Baltimore Orioles Jersey  to do my part to help this team win games.”

And that is something that Smith, who should know coming off a championship season, believes the Panthers are in positon to do. The Eagles and the Panthers weren’t far from sporting identical regular season records last season, the difference created by Philadelphia’s 28-23 triumph in Week 6 in Charlotte.

“It’s about being in the right situation in terms of winning, and this is a team that’s right there,” Smith said. “I’ve been fortunate to be able to go to the big game twice and win it both times, and this is an organization I’ve played against a few times and they’re very tough, very competitive. They’re right there.”

Transcri Custom Orioles Jersey pt: Torrey Smith Conference Call

Read the full comments from Carolina’s new wide receiver.

On if he’s in Charlotte yet and his reaction when he heard he was being traded: “I was down there for a little bit to take my physical. … Obviously, everything went well. I was healthy last year. In terms of the trade, I knew it was a possibility earlier in the week. The Eagles are very open about that. I wasn’t blindsided at all. I was happy when they told me who the team was because if I had to go anywhere, I wanted to go to a winner, a place that has a chance. This is that place for me. I was talking to my agent that if my option wasn’t picked up, this was one of t Personalized Baltimore Orioles Jersey he places I wanted to be. So I’m excited it played out that way and I didn’t have to go through all the drama. I knew exactly where I was going and I’m thankful that they wanted me.” 

On what you sees in the Panthers’ offense, particularly quarterback Cam Newton: “They can create big plays, they can also work downfield, and Cam adds a different dynamic, which is an ability to run and throw. I’ve known Cam – we came in together the same year in the league. We actually used to work out in the offseason up in Baltimore, so I’ve been familiar with seeing the Panthers camp come through, all the guys getting together to work up there. So it’s pretty cool to now be a part of that officially instead of just joining in because I don’t have a quarterback to throw to me (laughs). So I’m excited about that. I know Cam’s ability. He’s a former MVP. He’s still that guy, and to have the opportunity to try to help him take it to the next level and to be a small piece of the puzzle in the offense, I’m excited about it. … In football years, I may not be too young, but age-wise, I’m only 29. So I feel very good Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange . I haven’t slowed down. I have the opportunity here to come in and compete, which I will do, and play to the best of my ability and be back to being a bigger piece of the puzzle. I’m ex Customized Orioles Jersey Cheap cited about that challenge. They traded for me, but nothing’s going to be given to me. I don’t want it that way. I want to go out there and earn it. I want to earn the respect of my teammates, of the folks in the organization, the fans, and everyone. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’m going to work my tail off to make sure I bring everything I have to get our team to where we need to be.”

On if the Panthers have talked to him about his role: “If they talk to me about it, it’ll be after this phone call because when I got traded, we couldn’t talk about anything. I can only assume what they brought me in there for, but there’s nothing that I’ve been able to technically talk to them about because it wasn’t official. Even when I was there, it was a quick, ‘Hi, bye, nice to meet you, see you soon,’ type thing because I guess there’s rules and different things that they can’t talk to me about certain things.”

On his relationship with former Panther Steve Smith: “He’s like a big brother to me. It’s not just because we played together, but obviously that’s where our relationship started. It’s honestly bigger than the game. I’ve seen the great side of Steve – how he is to his family, how committed he is to his kids and his wife. We spent Thanksgiving together one year in Baltimore. We still communicate all the time to this day. He’s a legit big brother. I can talk to him about anything on and off the field. I’m thankful to have him in my life as a positive role model.”

On his favorite Steve Smith moment: “I think there are so many of them. People can harp on the Steve Smith that may give you some attitude problems, buy my favorite Steve Smith moment has happened a bunch of times. Just being out and about and it may not be the right time for a picture or an autograph if we’re eating or whatnot. I’ve seen this guy take down people’s address. ‘I’m not going to take the picture right now, but if you write down your address I’ll get one to you.’ He’ll go home, sign the picture and ship it out to the folks. That’s something I’ve never heard of. I’ve never seen anyone (else) do it. He personalizes it, which in my opinion is more valuable than the picture or autograph on a napkin that you might be able to get. It’s a big deal. I’ve seen the way he can impact people in a positive way.”

On how he complements the other receivers: “I think I fit well. Some of those guys are burners. For me, obviously I’m known for my speed. I can run every route, regardless if people don’t believe that. I’ve been in roles the past few years where I’m asked to do a job. Watching (the Panthers) from afar last year, they’ve been able to make plays all over the field. One of the big additions is obviously going to be my speed. And I guess I’m going to be the old guy again, the vet in the room. I’ll be able to help them to be the best that they can be, and teach them some of the things I’ve learned along the way. That’s as much of my responsibility as it is for me to be the best player that I can be. That comes with the territory. You want to help the next person, because the better they  Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey play, the better your unit is. We’re all only a sum of the weakest link and we all need to bring competition to the room. Competition brings out the best in everyone. I’m just looking forward to getting to know them all. I’ve been around a few of them over the years when they’ve come up to Baltimore. I’m looking forward to getting down there and building those relationships.”

On what Carolina can expect from CB Bashaud Breelend, who has reportedly agreed to a deal with the team: “Expect a confident corner. He can get his hands on the ball, too. He can make some plays. He’s rangy. He trusts his skills a lot. I played against him twice this past season and I have a lot of respect for him. I think he’s a great addition to the team. He has the potential to be one of the best in this league. We’re coming in together and I’m looking forward to battling it out in practice.”

On not getting as many targets with the Eagles last season: “Individually, I think I played my best ball on the back end of the year. I wasn’t involved as much all the time, but I can only control one thing – that’s when the ball comes my way… For me, it’s always about the team. We were winning and I was doing my part to help that. Sometimes it may not be what you imagined it being, not that that’s ever important. Just doing your job and performing is enough. I had so much fun with the guys in the room, competing in practice, having fun on game days – (my stats) didn’t matter because our ultimate goal was to win. Even if the ball only comes once or twice a game, if I don’t do my job, I’m letting everyone else down. As frustrated as I was in the early part of the year, the season finished the way it was supposed to and I made some key plays for us in the playoffs.”

On wide receivers getting big deals in free agency: “I love it. I’m pro player all day. Those guys work their tails off and that’s the way this business is supposed to work. Whether someone believes they deserve it or not, that’s no one’s opinion but the GM that gives it to them. That’s the way this business goes. You are rewarded for your hard work. I’m excited for those guys. They are honestly changing the landscape.”

On his first impressions of Cam after working out with him: “He’s a competitor. He’s going to bring the energy. He’s going to be Cam, so he is going to be loud and having fun at all times. But he’s going to work. He’s going to  Custom Orioles Jersey bring that competitive nature to it and he’s going to bring out the best in you. He hates losing, which is how it should be.”

Official: Panthers acquire W Custom Orioles Jersey R Torrey Smith via trade

Offensive coordinator Norv Turner discusses value the speedy veteran brings; Panthers have a plan to replace cornerback Daryl Worley, shipped to the Eagles in the deal.

CHARLOTTE – The trade is official; the moves that assure the trade makes sense are not.

But once the ink dries, the Torrey Smith-for-Daryl Worley swap will make sense, will save cents and will make possible a more sensible draft approach for the Panthers.

Smith officially joined the Panthers’ wide receivers room Wednesday afternoon when the new league year kicked off. Carolina acquired him from the Super Bowl champion Eagles in exchange for Worley, a third-year cornerback who started the majority of Carolina’s games his first two seasons.

“When you talk about Torrey Smith, there are a lot of reasons he fits what we need as an offensive football team,” first-year offensive coordinator Norv Turner said. “Having a veteran receiver in our group with a lot of young players there is helpful – a guy who just experienced going to a Super Bowl.

“He’s a good-sized receiver who obviously has great speed. He’s been successful in the vertical passing ga Personalized Baltimore Orioles Jersey me his entire career, but I thought in Philadelphia he branched out and did more versatile things. He really showed he can be a complete receiver. He adds that dimension to our football team that will help everybody.”

When the details of the trade first leaked late last week Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange , questions initially revolved less around Smith and more around the plan without Worley, who was up-and-down during his tenure but who was the choice to start 14 games a season ago. Those doubts should be erased in the early stages of free agency if reports indeed prove true that coveted corner Bashaud Breeland is set to join the Panthers.

No one questioned the Panthers’ need to get deeper at receiver this offseason – deeper in terms of talent and in terms of securing a guy with speed that includes a track record of success on game day. The Panthers have seen promise in Curtis Samuel and Damiere Byrd, but they’ve seen the production from Smith for years rather than for games.

“The big thing about Torrey is that he’s stayed remarkably healthy – he’s missed very few games during his career,” Turner said of the 6-foot, 205-pound Smith, who has missed just four games in his seven-year career. “Some smaller speed guys are a little more brittle, are not as durable. Torrey is a big receiver that can stretch the field and has been very durable.”

Smith also makes sense – dollars and cents relatively speaking – off the field. Even before free agent deals become official, the dollar figures being thrown at receivers made Smith a bargain. And we’re not just talking about the astronomical numbers being bandied about for top-of-the-totem-pole pass catchers like Allen Robinson and Sammy Watkins. The money going toward hot-and-cold receivers like Donte Moncrief and Paul Richardson and solid-if-so-far-not-spectacular players like Albert Wilson and Taylor Gabriel also are eye-popping.

To boot, trading for a receiver under contract like Smith puts the Panthers in better position in the compensatory pick calculator for the 2019 NFL  Custom Orioles Jersey Draft. The value of those add-on picks shouldn’t be underestimated.

Now back to Smith himself and the specifics on wh Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey y he’s a nice addition. Turner and general manager Marty Hurney have made no bones about wanting to get better at receiver, about adding more athleticism and speed. Those attributes apply to Smith, who ran a 4.41 in the 40 at the 2011 NFL Combine and hasn’t shown many si http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Baltimore-Orioles-Jersey gns of slowing down.

His numbers since leaving the Ravens, who selected him in the second round of the ’11 draft, have taken a backslide, but that doesn’t mean he has as a player. In San Francisco in 2015 and ’16, he labored for a franchise that totaled seven victories over the two seasons while switching back and forth between quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert and Colin Kaepernick.

In Philadelphia last year, quarterback play wasn’t a problem, but a logjam at receiver was. The Eagles turned early and often to Alshon Jeffery, and Smith found himself lost in the mix at times with the emergence of N Customized Orioles Jersey Cheap elson Agholor. But when given the chance, when needed the most, Smith delivered. He hauled in 13 passes – second to Agholor among Eagles wide receivers – over the course of three postseason victories that culminated with a Super Bowl triumph.

The 29-year-old Smith has more to give and more to prove, and the Panthers should provide plenty of opportunity. Smith’s 39 career touchdowns nearly double the total the rest of the receivers currently on the roster can claim (21, including 17 from Devin Funchess).

With free agency just beginning and the draft still to come, the Panthers might not be done at receiver or cornerback. But this trade and the team’s out-of-the-gate plan for free agency has put the Panthers in better position at both pivotal spots to not give into the pressure that “need” can exert on draft day.

The start of the new league year also made official that Carolina did not tender contracts to the team’s four potential restricted free agents: wide receiver Kaelin Clay, cornerback LaDarius Gunter, tight end Scott Simonson and offensive lineman David Yankey. These players immediately became free agents and are free to sign with any team, just like the team’s unrestricted free agents.

Julius Peppers will play Custom Orioles Jersey  for Panthers in 2018

The future Hall of Fame defensive end has decided to play a 17th NFL season.  Men’s Authentic Custom Baltimore Orioles Alternate Baseball Jersey Orange 

CHARLOTTE – He’s back. Again.

After spending the past couple of months ponde Customized Orioles Jersey Cheap ring retirement, defensive end Julius Peppers has signed a one-year deal to play a 10th season in Carolina and 17th overall.  

Peppers, who turned 38 in January, is the Panthers’ all-time leader in sacks (92.0) and forced fumbles (31). His 154.5 career sacks are most among active players and the fourth most in NFL history. 

NFL Career Sack Leaders
Sacks Seasons
Bruce Smith 200.0
Reggie White 198.0 1985-2000
Kevin Greene 160.0 1986-99
Julius Peppers 154.5


In his return to Carolina last season, Peppers tied fellow defensive end Mario Addison for the team lead with 11.0 sacks. It was Peppers’ 10th season with 10 or more sacks, a feat only three other players have accomplished. The others – Bruce Smith, Reggie White and Kevin Greene – are all in the Hall of Fame.

Peppers, who’s missed just two of a possible 256 career games with injury, played in all 16 games last se Personalized Baltimore Orioles Jersey ason despite injuring his right shoulder in Nov Men’s Customized Authentic Baltimore Orioles Home White MLB Baseball Jersey ember. He had surgery on the shoulder last month. 

Where Things Stand:  Custom Nationals Jersey Defensive line

Panthers.com sets the stage f Authentic Women’s Personalized Washington Nationals Home White Baseball Jersey or the start of the new league year with a status report for each position group.

(Leading up to the start of free agency on March 14, Panthers.com is looking at the state of each position group.)

POSITION REVIEW: The Panthers’ first line of defense was first-rate again in 2017. Carolina finished  Custom Nationals Jersey the season ranked third in the NFL with 50 sacks and fourth in rush defense, allowing just 88.1 yards per game. The line got some of the glory while also doing plenty of dirty work. Defensive ends Julius Peppers and Mario Addison with 11 sacks apiece made the Panthers one of just three teams with a double-digit duo, while Kawann Short and his fellow defensive tackles helped put linebacker Luke Kuechly in position to earn All-Pro honors for the fourth time in his career.

STATS OF SIGNIFICANCE: There has been turnover along the line in the past and probably will be again, but this unit under line-coach-turned-coordinator Eric Washington has excelled over time. Beginning with the 2012 season, Carolina’s 219 sacks by defensive linemen lead the league by 21, and the Panthers rank third over that time frame with just 96.2 rushing yards allowed per game.

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN: In Week 8 at the Buccaneers, Peppers made history when he got to quarterback Jameis Winston for the 151st sack of his career, moving him into fourth in NFL history. Peppers also forced a fumble on the play – something he’s done 49 times in his career.

TOP OFFSEASON STORYLINES: The staying power of the Panthers’ defensive line will be tested again in 2018. While hopes run high that Peppers will opt to return for a 17th season, there’s a good chance this will be the end of the line in Carolina for space-eating defensive tackle Star Lotulelei, the Panthers’ first-round pick in 2013. With or without Peppers or Lotulelei, the Panthers could use a shot of youth in the form of someone like Daeshon Hall on the outside or Vernon Butler on the inside. And, of course, the Men’s Washington Nationals Custom Majestic Alternate Scarlet Flex Base Authentic Red Jersey re’s the draft.

HOPE FOR 2018: At the very least, Carolina will need a new rotation piece at defensive end with the departure of Charles Johnson. And with Peppers close to the end and Addison now in his thirties, the draft might be the way to go. Marcus Davenport of the University of Texas at San Antonio, Arden Key of LSU  http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Washington-Nationals-Jersey and Sam Hubbard of Ohio State have been identified in mock drafts as possible Panthers’ first-round targets, but maybe th Personalized Washington Nationals Jersey ere’s a chance of one them could last until Carolina selects in the second round at No. 55.

The Panthers seem less likely to invest an early draft pick at defensive tackle (never say never), but the draft class appears to be pretty deep. Of note, N.C. State just down the road has three defensive tackles that can help somebody – B.J. Hill, Justin Jones and Kentavius Street.

Where Custom Nationals Jersey  Things Stand: Linebackers

Panthers.com sets the stage for the start of the new league year with a status report for each position group.

 Custom Washington Nationals Jersey 

(Leading up to the start of free agency on March 14, Panthers.com is looking at the state of each position group.)

POSITION REVIEW: The linebackers are almost taken for granted in this defense, a testament to the unit’s succes Men’s Washington Nationals Custom Majestic Alternate Scarlet Flex Base Authentic Red Jersey s and stability. That was the case again in 2017, when Luke Kuechly was selected to his fifth consecutive Pro Bowl while Thomas Davis made his third consecutive Pro Bowl trip (this time as an injury replacement). Shaq Thompson continued his steady growth, but Kuechly and Davis continued to rule the roost. Kuechly has the most tackles by any NFL player and most interceptions by any linebacker since being drafted in 2012, and Davis is second in interceptions over the same period while missing just three games since suffering his torn right anterior cruciate ligament in 2011.

STATS OF SIGNIFICANCE: Davis will enter the season as the franchise’s all-time leader with 1,174 career tackles, and he’s fifth among active NFL players in career tackles – with 1,015. How can that be? Because tackles aren’t an official stat, so the “press box” numbers (in this case, 1,015) are used  Authentic Women’s Personalized Washington Nationals Home White Baseball Jersey when comparing players around the league, while most teams tabulate their own tackle totals after reviewing game tape (thus the 1,174).

WORTH WATCHING AGAIN: Kuechly’s nose for the football was outdone only by his nose for the end zone when, in Week 12, he came out of nowhere and turned Wes Horton‘s strip-sack into  Custom Nationals Jersey a 34-yard touchdown that gave the Panthers a fourth-quarter lead they wouldn’t relinquish to the Jets.

TOP OFFSEASON STORYLINES: Davis has said that 2018 will be his final season, making the announcement in January shortly after telling reporters he expected to have a reduced role. It will be interesting (again) this year to see how Thompson is utilized in the final year of his rookie contract (the Panthers have until May 3 to exercise the fifth-year option). If the plan is for him to flat-out replace Davis in 2019, then how will the two be used alongside Kuechly in 2018?

HOPE FOR 2018: At such a productive position, more of the same would be a good place to start, but that could require more from Thompson. Last season took a phy http://www.ecustombaseballgears.com/Custom-Washington-Nationals-Jersey sical toll on Davis and that could be the case again next season. Hopefully not, but regardless Thompson will want to prove that he’s ready to take over.

David Mayo proved he can provide quality depth last season, but Carolina could still use a later-round draft choice on a linebacker. The Panthers surely will if a bargain of a talent is available (same goes for free agency) because you can never have enough quality depth and because linebacker is an important position when it comes to fielding successful special teams units.