Some perspective on late-game  Canadiens Custom Jersey dramas

Losing leads in the NFL is a part of the game; the trick is not losing the game – a trick the Panthers have perfected so far in 2017.

CHARLOTTE – Hold on if you’ve heard this before. Hold on if you’ve complained about this before.

Sometimes in the NFL, you just have to hold on.

The last time the Panthers NHL 100 Classic Celebration  faced Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, midway Montreal Canadiens Winter Classic Jersey  through the magical season of 2015, Carolina powered its way to a 37-14 cushion. But before you knew it, Rodgers and Co. were four yards and a two-point conversion away from tying the game – the Panthers saved by Kawann Short pressure that prevented Rodgers from seeing a wide-open receiver and prompted him to famously fling a tablet upon being shown the missed opportunity.

No tablets were harmed in the making of Carolina’s victory ove Customized Adidas Men’s Montreal Canadiens Authentic Home Red Ice Hockey Jersey r Minnesota last week, but a Vikings team down 11 more than midway through the fourth quarter worked its way into a similar situation before the Panthers pulled it out.

“We would prefer to win Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey Jersey  the game regularly and not always have to make it be so hard,” tight end Greg Olsen said after the tight-rope act. “But over the years that has seemed to be our thing.”

The Vikings victory marked the third time the Panthers have notably had to sweat it out after appearing to be in control. In road victories back in Week 4 and 5, the Patriots rallied from 14 down to tie it and the Lions rallied from 17 down to pull within three.

Think it’s just a Panthers problem? In Week 6 alone around the rest of the NFC South, the Falcons forged a 17-point halftime before losing to the Dolphins; the Saints led Detroit 45-10 but eventually the Lions had the ball down 45-38 before an interception finally sealed it; and the Buccaneers trailed Arizona 31-0 before losing 38-33.

So, does it actually even qualify as a problem?

Linebacker Thomas Davis, who picked off Rodgers’ last-ditch pass two years ago, said it’s just an “indicator for how football really goes.”

“You have your highs and you have your lows throughout every game. It’s never going to be a game where you just go out and completely dominate,” Davis said. “It really boils down to the good teams and the great teams in this league finding ways to weather that storm.”

Fans often have a hard time seeing in that way. When their team takes a decent lead but doesn’t score after the opponent does, concern sets in. Understandable. Human nature.

But then afterwards if the game gets too close for comfort, a narrative often emerges that the team took its foot off the gas offensively and fell into prevent mode on defense. Human nature dictates that can happen as well, but it’s a fine line for coaches who naturally want to shorten the game.

Last Sunday, leading 24-13, the Panthers went three-and-out before the Vikings found the end zone with less than six minutes to go. Next drive, the Panthers again ran just three plays before the Vikings got the ball back and tied it with a field goal.

So did the Panthers back off offensively and open the door for a comeback? Well, their initial three-play possession  Custom Canadiens Jersey featured a pass play on third-and-2. The second one featured two passes, the second of which was intercepted to put the Vikings in position to complete their comeback.

After the Vikings initially fell into a 24-13 hole, Minnesota’s next three drives netted 22 yards and two first downs. So were the Vikings conservative (of course not) or a victim of good defensive play? The Panthers defense certainly didn’t sit back on defense Men’s Customized Reebok Montreal Canadiens Authentic 2016 Winter Classic White Hockey Jersey  on the game’s final drive, when after reclaiming the lead they blitzed on all four downs to wrap up the win.

It’s worth noting that to have a chance  Carey Price Jersey to lose a lead, a team must have a lead in the first place. The Panthers scored first against the Vikings and eventually improved to 6-1 this season when striking first.

“It’s important. If you can score early, it changes the dynamics of the game,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “It doesn’t matter who you’re playing. It forces the opponent to play the game from behind, obviously.”

The Panthers have had some scares when seeming to claim control, but they’re 9-0 when leading at halftime, a mark matched only by the Eagles. Nineteen teams – including five currently in playoff Tomas Plekanec Jersey  position – have lost at least one game they led at halftime (the Colts have lost six such games).

If the Panthers build a lead Sunday, the Packers aren’t going to pack it in. Rodgers is a s capable of captaining a comeback as anyone to ever play the game.

Will that scenario develop, and how will it play out?

Hold on.

“Heart of the offens Joe Carter Blue Jays ive line” playing like a Pro Bowler

Fourth-year guard Andrew Norwell is having his best season yet.

CHARLOTTE – Like when I took on the assignment of writing about Daryl Williams last month, I knew this one wouldn’t be easy. If anyone on the offensive side of the locker room uses fewer words than Williams, it’s Andrew Norwell. 

Now in his fourth season, the undrafted left guard is playing at a Pro Bowl level. Quietly, of course.  

“I’m not talking about that,” Norwell said when I told him I wanted to chat about his play. 

But wouldn’t you want others to notice, especially in a contract year? 

“I’m just doing my job.” 

OK, what about that hole you opened for Jonathan Stewart’s 60-yard touchdown last week – can you take me through that play? 

“Just power. And I give (running game coordinator John) Matsko credit for  Josh Donaldson Jersey coaching the technique.” 

To be clear, Norwell’s not rude. He’s mostly just a prototypical football player who, if forced to talk, wants to focus on “the team.” 

But after a couple of minutes Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey  of trying to squeeze out some useable quotes, I caught a break. A box was delivered to Norwell’s locker. 

Like a kid on Christmas morning, the 6-foot-6, 325-pounder ripped open t Men’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey he package. Inside was a holiday greeting from Ohio State, his alma mater, along with a bunch of new gea Joe Carter Jersey r. 

“I’m putting these on,” Norwell exclaimed before walking aw Men’s Mitchell and Ness Vintage 1993 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Throwback Jersey ay.

Moments later, now wearing bright scarlet shorts, he said: “So what do you want to talk about?” 

Thanks, Buckeyes. 

Anyway, about that Stewart run.

“We ran a  Men’s Customized Toronto Blue Jays Majestic Flexbase Authentic Alternate Royal Blue Jersey little power to the right,” Norwell said. “I pulled around up to the linebacker, and Ed’s guy was coming inside. But he pushed him out, so there was a little hole there. His guy was coming off a little bit, I chipped his guy and got to my guy, and Stew had a clear opening and just ran to daylight all the way to the end zone.

“It was a great feeling. I was pumped up, excited, high-fiving my teammates. It’s just 11 guys on that play doing their job at once. We executed, and it popped for a touchdown.”

While it took 13 games for a Panthers running back to break off a play that long, Norwell has done plenty of popping. That’s why Pro Football Focus has him rated as the league’s sixth-best guard. 

Maybe it was the scarlet shorts, but surprisingly, Norwell didn’t completely shy away when told some could make a good argument he deserves to be a Pro Bowler.  

“Of course I like hearing that. That means I’m doing my job we Women’s Toronto Blue Jays Josh Donaldson Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red FlexBase Authentic Jersey ll,” he said. “It’s very humbling when people think highly of me like that. That says a lot when they recognize my play. Football means a lot to me, and I just try to leave it out on the field and play for the guys next to me.”

Like left tackle Matt Kalil.

“He’s very passionate. I wouldn’t say much of a vocal guy, but you can see the energy he brings. When we need to get motivated, he’ll motivate us,” Kalil said. “He’s the heart of the offensive line.” 

Which could put the Panthers in a bit of a pickle in the offseason. The better Norwell plays Kevin Pillar Jersey , the higher his potential price tag, and Carolina is already heavily invested in Kalil, his brother Ryan and right guard Trai Turner

Of course, as much as the gift box may have made Norwell open up, there was no way he’d touch his upcoming free agency. Right now, that has little to do with his true love. 

“I’m just living in the moment. It’s what Coach (Ron Rivera) says  Toronto Blue Jays every day: Control your attitude, your preparation and your effort. I can only control what I control, and I’ve been sticking by that the whole year,” Norwell said. 

“I love going out and playing football; I love it. I hold myself to a high standard – making every block I can make, using the right technique and doing what I can to help this team win a game.”

Notes: Peppers on f Joe Carter Blue Jays acing Rodgers, Packers

DE Julius Peppers doesn’t want Panthers to get caught up in “cat-and-mouse game” with Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers.

CHARLOTTE – Defensive end Julius Peppers would like to treat this like any other game, but that’s no simple task this week against hi Josh Donaldson Jersey s former team and one former teammate in particular.

As everyone who follows the NFL has heard by now, quarterback Aaron Rodgers is making his return from a broken  Joe Carter Jersey collarbone against the Panthers, and the hype machine is in full effect.

“Obviously, Aaron is a great player and he takes the team to another level,” Peppers said. “We’re not going to add unnecessary pressure that we don’t need to. We’re going to treat this like a regular game, regardless who is playing quarterback.”

Rodgers’ talent is obvious to everyone, but Peppers, who spent the previous three seasons with Green Bay, will remind teammates about the subtle ways the two Toronto Blue Jays -time NFL MVP takes advantage of defenses.

“Watch out for the substitutions. He likes to (catch) 12 people on the field,” Peppers said. “Watch out for the hard counts (that lead to) free plays and stuff like that.

“Insight I might have on those things I’ll share.”

But Peppers didn’t have much else to say about Rodgers with members of the media.

“We’re going to play our game. We’re not necessarily going to get into this cat-and-mouse game with Aaron,” Peppers said. “He does what he does well, and he’s the best at it. We’ll control what we can control.”

FOND MEMORY FOR DAVIS: With Rodgers being such a hot topic everywhere this week, linebacker Thomas Davis was asked if he had any memories from playing against him that stood out.

“One of the things that I’ll always remember was when I came back from surgery and dealing with the ACLs, I was able to rush off the edge and run him down from behind,” Davis recalled. “He turned around and looked at me and said, ‘Dang, old man, you still got it.’”

Davis couldn’t remember when ex Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey actly that game took place, but he’s sure it happened at Bank of America Stadium. It was perhaps during the 2015 encounter in which Davis recorded a sack and the game-sealing interception in the closing minutes of an eight-point game.

“That was a huge play, but that’s a play that I give all the credit to KK Short,” Davis said of that interception. “He got good pressure on him, and with it being fourth down, it really forced h Custom Blue Jays Jersey is hand. I was kind of ‘Johnny on the spot’ for that play.”

LARSEN ON GUARD: After filling in at center for Ryan Kalil most of the season, Tyler Larsen has made the move to guard this week with Trai Turner in the concussion protocol.

“There are little differences between center and guard, technique wise,” said Larsen, who came to Carolina as a guard in 2016. “But I’m getting the reps at practice trying to get back into that position. It’s going well.”

Head coach Ron Rivera figured it would be a pretty seamles Men’s Toronto Blue Jays Kevin Pillar Majestic Scarlet Fashion Canada Day Red Flex Base Authentic Jersey s transition for Larsen.

“It should be,” Rivera said. “He’s looked good in practice. He’s done some good things. And let’s not forget Amini (Silatolu). We feel go Men’s Customized Toronto Blue Jays Majestic Flexbase Authentic Alternate Royal Blue Jersey od about these guys.”

RIVERA AND CAPERS GO WAY BACK: Rivera is just the fourth head coach in Panthers’ history. The first was Dom Capers, who has been Green Bay’s defensive coordinator since 2009.

The two coaches  Kevin Pillar Jersey first met when Rivera was a high school standout trying to determine which of the 28 colleges expressing interest he should attend. Capers, the defensive backs coach at California at the time, helped convince Rivera to stay home and play for the Cal Bears. Capers attended many of Rivera’s football and basketball games as he worked to secure a commitment.

“He actually recruited me when I was in high school back in the day,” Rivera said. “Before he left for Tennessee, he was at Cal and he started the recruiting process.

“I went there, and he was part of the reason.”

How the Packers helped the Panthers solv Custom MLB Orioles Jersey e a problem

In the spring of 2009, Marty Hurney was looking for a long snapper. Green Bay had one available.

CHARLOTTE – J.J. Jansen had life figured out in August 2008. 

He was engaged to his high sc Baltimore Orioles hool sweetheart, Laura, and the undrafted rookie had earned a job as the Packers’ long snapper. But with five minutes left in Green Bay’s preseason finale, and with his fiancée sitting in the front row two days after she had moved up there, Jansen tore his LCL while running down the field in punt coverage. 

Such is life. 

“It was a good ride,” Jansen recalled thinking back then. “I had an accounting degree, so the logical next step was to start studying for the CPA.” 

Fortunately  for Jansen, the injury didn’t force him to enter the real world after spending the entire 2008 season on injured reserve. In what was a decent market for long snappers that next spring, Kansas City and Seattle talked to Green Bay about a trade. So did the Panthers, who were hesitant to fork over the cash it would take to re-sign 15-year veteran Jason Kyle.

The Panthers and Packers eventually agreed on a deal that sent Jansen to Charlotte in exchange for a 2011 seventh-round pick. But when told of the trade, a question superseded Jansen’s excitement for a second shot. 

“Carolina Panthers? I didn’t really know they were in Charlotte,” the Phoenix native and Notre Dame product admitted. “The franchise at the time was 13 years old. I wasn’t really familiar with the Carolinas. It was the one part of the country that I wasn’t super familiar with.”

But this is a story about something happening for a reason, because when asked if he ever thinks about what would have happened if he had never injured his knee, Jansen matter-of-factly said: “I wouldn’t be in the league.” 

That’s because Green Bay’s punter and kicker at the time – Jon Ryan and Mason Crosby – had a combined five years of experience. 

“It would have been the blind leading the blind,” Jansen said. 

In Carolina, Jansen joined punter Jason Baker and kicker John Kasay, who had spent a combined 28 seasons in the league. 

“Everything that I’ve accomplished here has been by the grace of God and because I had two really good mentors at the beginning of my career to show me the ropes,” Jansen said. “They taught me how to be a pro long snapper. 

“In college and high school, it’s about firing it as h Custom Red Sox Jersey ard as you can. They taught me how to manage conditions, how to help out the punters and kickers and all sorts of things about being a pro that I needed to learn.”

 Women’s Personalized Stitched Any Name Any Number Baltimore Orioles Home White Jersey 

Nine years after he landed in Charlotte, Jansen has handled every snap on punts, field goals and extra points in each of the Panthers’ 141 games. And of those 1,000-plus snaps, only one – on a punt in the 2010 season opener when the ball slipped out of his hands – was notably bad. 

“When you have a guy like J.J., you don’t have to think about it,” said interim general manager Marty Hurney, who in his first stint with the Panthers pulled the trigger on the Jansen trade. “Long snappers are hard to find when you don’t have one, and when you have a consistent one like J.J., it takes that off the table.”

A year-and-a-half after Kasay’s final season in Carolina, Graham Gano took over kicking duties. And like most guys at his position, Gano wants everything just right before a boot. 

“I feel like that’s where the confidence in a kicker starts is with a snapper,” Gano said. “You want to know that the ball’s going to be consistently going to be in the same spot and with J.J. you have no doubts. So I think he’s the glue that holds the whole unit together.”

A unit that includes punter and holder Michael Palardy

“I’ve never once doubted or question baltimore orioles custom jersey ed or had a lack of trust with (Jansen) and his ability to put the ball where it needs to be, whether it’s field goal or whether it’s punt,” Palardy said. “ Men’s Authentic Custom Stitched Boston Red Sox Alternate Baseball Jersey Red And I think that goes back to his incredible attention to detail.”

A bookworm who’s fascinated with the world of finance, Jansen will likely end up putting that accounting degree to use when his playing days are done. But for a guy who didn’t even know where his new employer was way back when, things sure have wo Men’s Boston Red Sox Majestic Alternate Navy Flex Base Authentic Custom Jersey rked out for the Charlot Custom Orioles Jersey te resident and father of three. 

“It was pretty obvious to me within a short period of time that I was supposed to be here,” Jansen said. “And like I said, it’s probably the one team in the NFL that I couldn’t have picked out on a map. I couldn’t have planned this.”

With Cam N Montreal Canadiens 100 Classic ewton, Panthers running and winning

Cam Newton marvels at the passing numbers quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers put up, but Newton is focused only on putting marks in the win column.

CHARLOTTE – This past Sunday, Cam Newton caught both the NFC and AFC offensive players of the week in acti Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 92 Jonathan Drouin Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap on.

Newton huddled up with running back Jonathan Stewart as his teammate piled up 103 rushing yards and piled into the end zone three times to help the Panthers put up more points than anyone all season against the Vikings.

Then Newton huddled around a television Sunday evening and watched Ben Roethlisberger become the first quarterback in NFL history with three career 500-yard passing games against the Ravens.

Both teams won in their own way, and for Newton, that’s reward enough. While Roethlisberger was honored by the league, Newton thought it fitting that the Panthers’ leading rusher would represent Carolina as opposed to say, Newton himself.

“I look at Ben Roethlisberger the other night having a monster game. He threw the ball 66 times – 66,” Newton said. “But I’m looking and I’m saying to myself, ‘That’s not me.’ Taking nothing away from the Pittsburgh Steelers because they’re an unbelievable team that’s fun to watch. But for us, we have to run the football. That’s our niche as an offense.”

Newton is a pivotal part of that niche, as evidenced yet again by his 62-yard run that set up the game-winning touchdown in last Sunday’s 31-24 triumph. He di Max Pacioretty Jersey dn’t run the ball as much early in the season while his surgically repaired shoulder healed, and the offense didn’t run as smooth.

“If you look at where our offense has gone from the beginning of the season until now, there has been a little bit of development as to who we are,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “There’s a little more comfort as far as our confidence with the quarterback in terms of his health and what he can do. I’m not surprised that we’re doing some things better.”

The first five games of the season, Newton averaged 18 yards on the ground. The last nine, he’s averaged 62.

“I have no problem with running the football,” Newton said. “I’m just trying to put as much pressure on the defense as possible to give them certain things that a lot of other quarterbacks can’t give them.

“Whatever game plan we’ve got going in, I always have the attribute of being able to run the football. I’m just in it to win football games. I’ve never been in it for statistical purposes. I know why I play this game.”

Newton plays to win t Jonathan Drouin Jersey he game, and that’s exactly what the Panthers do more often when he contributes as a runner. Over the course of Newton’s career, the Panthers have a 32-18-1 record when Newton reaches 40 rushing yards. When he tops 300 passing yards, Carolina is 9-8.

“The human part of me takes over sometimes and says, ‘It’s cool statistically to throw for 300 yards,’ but the unselfish me says, ‘Y Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 67 Max Pacioretty Authentic Home Red C Patch Hockey Jersey ou know what? We’re winning football games,'” Newton said. “I can care less what the statistics say. I’ve had games where I’ve thrown for 300-plus, 400-plus yards and we lose, and I don’t feel good. And then just like this past week (when Newton threw for 137) — I wasn’t knocking the statistics off the roof, but I felt good.

“We’ve got a lot of guys in that locke NHL 100 Classic Celebration r room like that. I’m looking at Greg (Olsen). He’s a person who didn’t have a catch, and you didn’t hear from him. It would be very selfish of me to look at my role and say, ‘Well I need to be doing more for statistics alone.’ That’s out of bounds and out of what this team is built for.”

Up next for Newton and the Panthers is a quarterback who routinely tops 300 passing yar Brendan Gallagher Jersey ds and routinely wins while doing it. While Newton has won 64 percent of the 51 regular season games in which he’s rushed for 40 yards, Rodgers has won 69 percent of the 52 games in which he’s passed for 300 yards.

It’s an example of how teams can be built to win in different ways.

Newton understands the Panthers’ path to success – and he woul NHL All Star dn’t have it any other way.

“We need Stew involved. We need C-Mac involved, and Fozzy and CAP. And our offensive line has to be able to ge Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey Jersey t physical,” Newton said. “That’s the Panthers’ nature as long as I’ve been here, t Brendan Gallagher Jersey Womens o run the football and control the game.”

Trai Turner enters concussi Montreal Canadiens 100 Classic on protocol

Pr Montreal Canadiens Ice Hockey Jersey o Bowl guard was placed in protocol after meeting with training staff Monda Brendan Gallagher Jersey y; LB Shaq Thompson (foot) and CB Captain Munnerlyn (non-injury) miss practice.

CHARLOTTE – Guard Trai Turner was placed in the concussion protocol following Carolina’s victory over Minnesota.

“On Monday, he came in and talked to (head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion) and they put h Brendan Gallagher Jersey Womens im right into the protoc Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 67 Max Pacioretty Authentic Home Red C Patch Hockey Jersey ol,” head coach Ron Rivera said.

Turner was not at practice Wednesday. The two-time Pro Bowler hasn’t missed a game since his rookie year in 2 NHL 100 Classic Celebration 014.

While Turner is in the protocol, the Panthers are evaluating their options for a replacement, which include Amini Silatolu, Tyler Larsen and rookie Taylor Moton.

“We’ll work those guys and just kind of go through it and see,” Rivera said. “Both Amini and Tyler have experience playing the position for us. We have a couple good options.”

Silatolu has 15 career starts at guard for Carolina. Larsen, the team’s backup center, played five games at guard last season.

THOMPSON PROGRESSING Max Pacioretty Jersey : Linebacker Shaq Thompson did not participate in Wednesday’s practice as he continues to deal with plantar fasciitis. Thompson did Jonathan Drouin Jersey  not play against the Vikings but hopes to return against the Packers this week.

“It helped, definitely, to get some rest,” said Thompson, adding that he’s dealt with occasional foot pain since college. “It sucked not being out  NHL All Star there with my brothers, but they handled business. I love the way they played.”

If Thompson is unavailable again this week, Rivera is confident in safety Colin Jones’ ability to step in like  Men’s Adidas Montreal Canadiens 92 Jonathan Drouin Authentic Home Red NHL Hockey Jersey Cheap he did versus Minnesota.

“When Shaq went down there was no hesitation to have him in and use the ‘Frog’ package,” Rivera said. “A lot of it is the flow of what’s happening on the field. The idea behind it is you have a bigger guy (at nickel) in case they want to run the ball… You feel a little more comfortable playing against the run.”

MUNNERLYN MISSING:  Nickel cornerback Captain Munnerlyn, who has been frustrated with his playing time throughout the season, was a late arrival for practice and exited shortly after.

When asked about his absence, Munnerlyn deferred questions to Rivera, who called it a “personal situation.”

Click here to view the full injury report.

Helping China connect with the Custom Patriots Jersey world

The Communist Party of China concluded its 19th National Congress on Oct 24. China Daily asked business leaders from major multinational companies for Custom Patriots Jersey their views on economic development here and the country’s global leadership role.

Harld Peters is president of UPS China, which is part of the global delivery giant based in the United States.

What is China’s biggest achievement during the past five years and the most notable change?

It has to be its shift from low-cost production toward value-added manufacturing. Today’s manufacturers in China target high-value, higher-margin Create Your Own Patriots Shirt products that require advanced technical skills and innovation capabilities.

This transformation has been possible because of the government’s initiatives Personalized Patriots Jersey such as Made in China 2025, Internet Plus and the Belt and Road Initiative. They have made a tremendous impact on moving Chinese manufacturing up the value chain and propelling it into the digital age.

What three words would you use to describe China today?

Connected. Emerging. Innovative. When we look at the Made in China 2025 and Belt and Road Initiative strategies, we see China opening its arms more broadly than ever before and connecting with the world.

It is clear the country is playing an increasingly more significant role in the global market. At the same time, there is a strong culture of innovation New England Patriots that has resulted in China becoming one of the world’s great technology powerhouses.

What are your impressions about major economic and industrial policies released from the 19th CPC Nationa Congress?

We are encouraged by the government’s commitment toward opening the economy and easing market access for foreign investors.

As a global delivery service, UPS is equally committed to connectivity between China and the rest of the world. Fast, reliable logistics will be a necessary part of the country’s economic modernization.

We are determined to provide faster and more efficient solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes as industries continue to grow, and move toward complex manufacturing.

What is the biggest challenge facing China and how can the country overcome it?

There are more opportunities to strengthen China’s relationship with the US, to work toward a more collaborative partnership. UPS has been doing business in China since 1988, so we have experienced the evolution of the US-China relationship during nearly 30 years.

Today, the US-China economic relationship is one of interdependence, with enormous trade and investment flows. We believe there are only good things ahead for further cooperation between companies from both countries.

US and Chinese firms support a strong bilateral relationship, so that they can continue to do what they do best-create commerce, drive economic growth and connect the world.

What are the most innovative trends or products in China?

I think there are many great examples. One of them is how China has embraced technology at such a large scale and created a cashless society.

According to research by the Tencent Research Institute, Chinese consumers spent 5.5 trillion yuan ($830 billion) through mobile payment platforms in 2016, about 50 times more than their US counterparts.

Today, consumers in China can leave the house without a wallet, but they can’t leave the house without their smartphones. These are being used to make payments via platforms such as WeChat Wallet and AliPay.

It is not uncommon for even street merchants to accept payments via a QR code. Many countries have tried to move toward a cashless society but have been unsuccessful. They should take a leaf out of China’s book.

What will China be like in five years and what is the country’s long-term future?

From a broader perspective, manufacturing in Asia has transitioned from traditional “solitary powerhouses”, such as Japan or China, to an “industrial patchwork” model. This is where we are seeing countries across the region engage in greater collaboration.

Free trade agreements, such as the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, or RCEP, will also integrate and foster greater trade among the 16 partners.

Obviously, trade will continue to move forward in Asia, and China will continue to play an even greater role. We are optimistic about the long-term growth opportunities and will continue to provide connectivity to this industrial patchwork world. We will do this through our global integrated network and investments.

But then the flexibility of our services will help support Chinese businesses to compete globally and grow profitably.

How do you view China’s role in the world today?

We respect China’s role as a champion of the multilateral trading system. Moving for-ward, the country will increasingly become a front-runner in the push for global connectivity in order to foster ease of trade.

What is the most unforgettable experience you have had in China?

The country has dealt with online payments pretty well. They eliminated paper checks decades ago, introduced online banking 15 years ago and brought in a secure QR code scanning system.

My wallet has become a fashion accessory in China, which I only take out of my trousers when I change them. Mobile payments now control most parts of my financial traffic from a simple online bakery order to paying utility bills.

Speaking about that online bakery, it is pure luxury to wake up early in the morning and find fresh warm bread in front of your door. This takes me to another Chinese observation-home deliveries.

Which sectors offer the most opportunities for development?

Our bet is on e-commerce, which has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Today, China is the biggest e-commerce market in the world.

With more than $800 billion in sales in 2016, it accounts for nearly half of all digital retail sales worldwide. In fact, e-commerce is now so pervasive the “e” really isn’t necessary. It is now just part of the normal retail landscape.

We also see great opportunities in the high-tech and industrial manufacturing sectors as key drivers of growth. To this end, we are offering a differentiated approach to solving our customers’ challenges through effective logistics solutions specific to these industries.

Our tools and solutions will help customers manage costs, improve sales and customer experience. These are the important ingredients as China transforms from low cost manufacturing to an innovation-driven economy.

In terms of challenges, the country still faces headwinds as the economy struggles with overhangs in credit, housing and over-investment in manufacturing capacity. But economic growth has remained steady in recent quarters, fueled by the service sector.

What opportunities will the Belt and Road Initiative throw up for China and the rest of the world?

It will open up significant opportunities for cross-border trade, and enhance the long-term growth and development of the economies involved. According to McKinsey, the Belt and Road Initiative has the potential to be perhaps the world’s largest platform for regional collaboration.

It will cover about 65 percent of the world’s population and one-third of the world’s GDP.

The opening of new corridors firmly reinforces the trend of cross-border trade. It is not just a one way street for the world’s manufacturing capital to access new markets. Other nations will gain access to the fastest-growing consumer market in the world.

Many of the countries involved are highly landlocked right now, but we are confident that the infrastructure investment and resulting logistics network will help lower transportation costs. This in turn will speed up time in transit, and bring the benefits of trade and globalization to these communities.

We are already seeing the Chinese government encourage greater cooperation between participating countries. The set-up of a free-trade zone in Fuzhou targeting Southeast Asian businesses is the perfect example.

This new Silk Road brings in new players to the global trading floor for a more dynamic environment. It connects businesses and provides access to new consumer markets. As a facilitator of international trade, we are very supportive of this.

My Take: Sensationa Atlanta Braves Custom Jersey l Series

Take a look at photos of the series of plays that led to the game-winning touchdown during Sunday’s game against Minnesot arizona diamondbacks custom jersey a.

The most exciting series by the  Youth Authentic Atlanta Braves Personalized Alternate Red Baseball Jersey offense from Sunday’s win over the Vikings included an exhilarating 62-yard run by Cam Newton which set-up a leaping touchdown by Jonathan Stewart. That touchdown was Stewart’s third Arizona Diamondbacks  of the game and was the game-winning score. All of that happened in under two minutes, so it was equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking with the pressure to get all of the shots.

For home games this season I have been using two additional photographer Men’s Personalized Arizona Diamondbacks Home White Authentic Baseball Jersey Cheap s, but for this game I decided to fly solo. That adds pressure because if I miss something crucial, I can’t count on someone else on my team having the shot. Luckily I thrive under pressure and was in po Atlanta Braves sition to capture Newton’s run, Stewart’s touc Men’s Custom Atlanta Braves Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale hdown and the subsequent custom atlanta braves jersey  jubilation.

Instead of writing about every frame in painstaking detail, I will let the photos speak for themselves. Here are those key moments as I saw them happen through my lens.

Around the NFC South: Tight race to th Atlanta Braves Custom Jersey e finish

Both the Saints and Falcons c Custom Braves Jersey ontrol their own destiny in terms of winning the division, while the Panthers need help but are in position to help themselves to a wild card spot.

Once again, three NFC South teams are in line to make the playoffs, meaning there will be lots on the line in the seven remaining games that feature division teams.

The playoff scenarios for the Panthers, Saints and Falcons are dizzying with three weeks left. All three are still capable of winning the division, and all three are still capable of missing the playoffs altogether (and no one can clinch a spot this week). It’s possible that the winner of the Week 17 game between the Panthers and the Falcons wins the division while Men’s Personalized Arizona Diamondbacks Home White Authentic Baseball Jersey Cheap  the loser doesn’t make the playoffs at all.

“The only thing really that I’ve worked out is we Arizona Diamondbacks  will take them one at a time and then see what happens,” head coach Ron Rivera said. “We could sit here and drive ourselves crazy, but the thing we have to focus on really is what we do. We can’t count on anyone doing anything for us; we have to do it fo Atlanta Braves r ourselves.”

The irony of that last statement is that the Panthers are the only team of the three th Youth Authentic Atlanta Braves Personalized Alternate Red Baseball Jersey at doesn’t control its own destiny in regards to winning the division. Win out, however, and Carolina knows it’s a Custom Diamondbacks Jersey t least in the playof custom atlanta braves jersey fs as a wild card.

SAINTS: Just when it seemed like New Orleans has seized control of the division with its Week 13 victory over the Panthers, the Saints slipped against the Falcons to make it a three-team race again.

New Orleans and Carolina now have the same record (9-4), but the Saints hold the tiebreaker and still have to be considered the favorites: They host a Jets team that will have Bryce Petty under center Sunday and visit a reeling Buccaneers team in Week 17. In between they host the Falcons (8-5), and the Saints could even absorb a loss there and still come out on top. No other team has that manageable of a schedule and that bit of wriggle room.

The Saints looked like a different team with rookie running sensation Alvin Kamara sidelined by a concussion against Atlanta, but he’s got a good chance of returning coming off a Thursday night game.

FALCONS: Atlanta kept its division hopes alive and moved back into a playoff spot with its victory over the Saints combined with Seattle’s loss to Jacksonville. It was a bizarre game in which Matt Ryan again struggled to protect the football, but the Falcons somehow found a way.

They’re the only NFC South contender with only division games remaining, starting with a trip to Tampa for Monday Night Football.

BUCCANEERS: At 4-9, Tampa has been mathematically eliminated from the race (Houston at 4-9 is technically still alive in the AFC), but the Buccaneers’ remaining schedule means they could still have some say-so.

Tampa hosts Atlanta this week, visits the Pa nthers in Week 16 and hosts the Saints in Week 17. The Buccaneers’ first three division games weren’t very close: They lost by an average score of 27-11, failing to lose any of the games by less than two touchdowns.

Get to Know: Green Bay Pa Customized Women’s NFL Jersey ckers

Carolina welcomes Green Bay to Bank of America Stadium for a matchup vital to potential playoff positioning.

Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers underwent a CT scan Monday to evaluate his surgically repaired right clavicle, but head coach Mike McCarthy didn’t share a final decision on Rodgers’ availability for Sunday. Regardless, the Panthers are preparing to see Rodgers under center this weekend at Bank of America Stadium, and they’re aware of the threat a player of his caliber poses. 

“That automatically makes them one of the better offenses overall in the entire league,” defensive end Wes Horton said. “We’ll definitely have our work cut out for us.

“It’s definitely a huge, huge challenge.”

With Rodgers at the helm this season through Week 5, the Packers were 4-1. In those games, the quarterback tossed 13 touchdown s and amassed 1,367 passing yards, good enough to help the Panthers rank as the fourth-best passing offense in the league at the time.

At odds with the O-line

Green Bay has struggled to protect the  custom atlanta braves jersey quarterback this season. The offensive line has allowed the third-most sacks in the NFL and the eighth-most quarterback hits.

Part of the blame has been directed at Rodgers fill-in Brett Hundley, who’s been criticized for his pocket awareness and at times not taking the protection he’s given. If Rodgers plays, the offensive line will likely receive help from one of the league’s best quarterbacks. With that said, Rodgers was sacked 19 times in his six games played while Hundley has been sacked 24 times in nine games. Regardless, this week th Custom Braves Jersey ey’ll face a Panthers team that’s totaled 40 sacks, the third most in league.

“We respect every offensive line that we play,” Horton said. “It’s a new group. They have some good players up front, and it just comes down to our preparation.”

Uncertain running game

Every week, Panthers defensive coordinator Steve Wilks stresses the importance of stopping the run first, no matter the opponent.

“The biggest thing once again going into this game, as we talk about each and every week, we need to stop the run,” Wilks said. “We have to make this team one-dimensional.”

The Packers boast two rookies in the running game – Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones. Both have seen stints as the feature back, but with both healthy the Packers paired the two as a tandem for the first time last Sunday. Granted Green Bay squared off against a Browns rushing defense ranked first in the NFL, but the new duo didn’t impress. The tandem combined for 47 yards on 19 rushes in the victory.

Dom Capers’ defensive backs

In last year’s NFL Draft, the Packers selected cornerback Kevin King to help solve the team’s needs on the defensive side. Despite stepping in and out of the lineup adue to a shoul Arizona Diamondbacks der injury, King has been a mainstay among the defensive backs. The second-round pick has played the most snaps of any of the team’s draft choices besides safety Josh Jones, and has proven the ability to handle responsibilities at one of the outside corner positions.

However last Wednesday t Custom Diamondbacks Jersey he Packers placed the rookie on injured reserve, a decision that’s having a r Men’s Custom Atlanta Braves Authentic Home White Baseball Jersey Sale ipple effect on Green Bay’s pass defense. This season the Packers rank 24th in pass defense and on Sunday, Green Bay surrendered three passing touchdowns to the winless Browns.


When Rodgers went down in Week 6, it seemed improbable that the Packers would be in the playoff conversation come December. However, Hundley has kept Green Bay afloat in the loaded NFC and with three games remaining, there’s still a chance the Packers can secure a playoff berth.

Upon his return, if Rodgers can lead the Packers to a win over t Atlanta Braves he Panthers and win out, there’s a chance Green Bay will be playing football into January.