Listen: Panthers Po Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey dcast

It was a big week for the Panthers with the start of an ownership transi Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 14 Tomas Plekanec 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey tion and the start of O Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey TAs.

On this week’s epsiode, Bryan Strickland analyzes what he saw during the first week of OTAs and Bill Voth and Max Henson share stories from the NFL Spring Meeting.

Highlights: Tomas Plekanec Jersey For Sale 

2:00 – Bryan recaps the start of OTAs

5:05 – What’s the latest at left guard?

7:08 – Seymour taking first-team reps at corner? (and  Tomas Plekanec Winter Classic Jersey more about Kevon)

11:51 – The importance of Cam being out there throwing

15:40 – Takeaways from David Tepper’s presser in Atlanta

22:40 – Realizing where Tepper stands among other owners in sports

26:51 – The importance of charitable work to Tepper

Listen on iTunes or by clicking ‘play’ below.

Jon Beason back at Bank of Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey America Stadium

Linebacker returns for first time since he was traded in 2013 to catch up with Luke Kuechly, Thomas Davis and others.

CHARLOTTE – For four seasons, Jon Beason ranked among the most productive linebackers in the NFL.

Injuries, the emergence of Luke Kuechly and the reemergence of Thomas Davis slowed the roll of the Panthers’ 2007 first-round draft choice, but he believed he could recapture his form if he could play more snaps.

Beason got that chance early in the 2013 season, when the Panthers traded him to the New York Giants.

What Beason never really got was the chance to say goodbye.

“This is my first time back since literally the day I found out I was getting traded,” said Beason, who attended Carolina’s organized team activity Thursday. “I didn’t get the opportunity to see anybody or talk to a lot of guys b Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 14 Tomas Plekanec 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey ecause you get traded, you pack a suitcase and you’re gone the next day.

“But this was a good time to come back. It’s a good feeling. It’s nice to see that a lot of things haven’t changed – the smell of the grass, the talk in the locker room.”

Beason, who retired two years ago after three injury-filled seasons with the Giants, was a strong voice with a game to match throughout his time with the Panthers. He recorded an astounding 650 tackles based on coaches’ film review over his first four seasons (Kuechly had 681 over his first four) and ranked in the top four in the entire league in tackles each of his first three seasons.

But in the opener his fifth season, in 2011, Beason tore his Achilles.

He was never quite the same player. Shoulder and knee injuries sidelined him four games into 2012 – Kuechly’s rookie year – and he played 21 games over his final three NFL seasons, all but three of them with the Giants to wrap up a nine-year career.

“The fact that I was able to play for the amount of time I was, thank God for those moments,” said Beason, now 33. “At the NFL Combine in 2007, a lot of teams asked me, ‘Hey, how long do you think you’re going to play?’ I said eight years. They’d say, ‘Oh, everybody says they’re going to play 15 years. Why eight?’

“I said, ‘If you play linebacker the way you’re supposed to play it, you probably won’t last longer than eight years.’ That’s something I hang my hat on. Whether it was how I played, how I prepared or how I attacked my rehab, I left it all on the field. I have no regrets. I sleep well. I don’t even dream about it anymore.”

That makes what Davis is doing even more remarkable in Beason’s mind.

The two were always there for each other – with lockers next door – before and after the injury bug struck. The week after Beason tore his Achilles in the 2011 season opener, Davis suffered his third torn anterior cruciate ligament in less than two calendar years.

In 2012, Davis made a successful return in the form of a 100-tackle season – the first of five consecutive such seasons. In 2013, when Beason was traded after playing three games, he couldn’t stay on the field because Davis and Kuechly almost never came off the field and the Panthers often op Tomas Plekanec Winter Classic Jersey ted for two-linebacker looks.

Now Davis is entering his 14th NFL season.

“It’s really amazin Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey g. There hasn’t been a letdown in the level he plays at, the intensity that he plays with. It’s unrivaled,” Beason said. “He is a very, very special player and a special dude. Everyone in Charlotte knows him now, and he’s an open book, he is as advertised.

“I tell him this all the time – and Luke would probably admit this, too – when Thomas was next to me, my job was a lot easier. I looked a lot better. He brings so much to the table. He has a very special skill set.”

Beason has a similar appreciation for Kuechly.

Selected in the first round of the 2012 draft when the Panthers already appeared set at linebacker, Kuechly started on the outside his first four games but then took over in the middle when Beason went on IR for the second consecutive season. Kuechly never looked back, going on to win NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year in 2012 and NFL Defensive Player o Tomas Plekanec Jersey For Sale f the Year in 2013.

That’s strikingly similar to the start of Beason’s career in 2007. After starting on the outside his first four games, Beason took over in the middle for injured tackling machine Dan Morgan and finished third in the NFL in tackles. Beason remained in the middle until Kuechly and Beason’s own injury concerns came along.

“Luke and I became the starting ‘Mike’ linebacker the same game in our rookie year. I was transitioning behind Dan Morgan, and then Luke was the successor behind me. Marty Hurney, hey buddy, you did it right at that position – a great one, a great one, a great one,” Beason said. “Luke’s career has not shocked me one bit. He came in obviously highly drafted, and his attention to detail, ability to go on the field and process information is faster than anybody. The best part of his game is him just dissecting the play, making a decision and going.

“When I was injured, being on IR and being in the meeting room watching film and watching games, I kind of lived vicariously through him, hanging on every play.”

Beason spent the last two seasons as an NFL analyst for, headquartered near the University of Miami campus where Beason first burst onto the scene. He calls the area home and is enjoying retirement spending quality time with his 2-year-old daughter.

He made plenty of memories in Charlotte, but before this week’s visit his only active tie to the area was his ownership stake in Sip Bar and Cellar uptown. But after one phone call, he has another reason to visit.

“I was on the phone with Coach (Eric) Washington recently, congratulating him,” Beason said of the Panthers’ first-year defensive coordinator who coached defensive line for Beason’s final two-plus seasons in Carolina. “And he was like, ‘Man, come back.’ I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to do that.’ So we figured out a time, and I talked to Coach (Ron) Rivera about it. Here I am.

“I just want to be with the guys, see the guys, maybe talk a little trash, hang out. It’s fun.”

Grill Bill: 1, Tomas Plekanec Youth Jersey 000 for Funchess?

Playing with an upgraded rec Tomas Plekanec Jersey eiving corps – but a healthy shoulder – can Devin Funchess hit 1,000 receiving yards this season?

Email from Elijah: Hey Bill, do you think that Funch has the potential to pull a 1,000-yard season this year? Would love to see him have massive success given his potential and size, and we need that true Number 1 Wideout! Keep Pounding!


Think about this: 

—Last season, Devin Funchess finished with 840 receiving yards.

—After Kelvin Benjamin was traded midway through the season, Funchess averaged 60.4 receiving yards over eight games. Multiply that by 16, and you get 966.4.

—But a sore shoulder slowed Funchess down for the season’s final four games. So perhaps a better barometer is his first four games without Benjamin when Funchess averaged 86.5 yards. Multiply that by 16, and you get 1,384.0.

Some caveats, though:

Greg Olsen played in just one game and had only one reception in that four-game stretch when Funchess averaged nearly 90 yards.

—The additions of DJ Moore, Torrey Smith and Jarius Wright – plus a healthy Curtis Samuel and Damiere Byrd – could drop Funchess’ targets back closer to the days when Benjamin was around. 

But Funchess certainly has the talent to hit 1K.

For what it’s worth, unless we’re talking Julio Jones-like talents, I don’t think Norv Turner needs or even wants a true No. 1 wideout. 

Website submission from Randy in Goose Creek, S.C.:  Do players have the opportunity to utilize postgame pressers to forward their social change agendas? Seems to me the right venue since they can actually verbalize what changes/actions they are actually promoting.

We don’t yet know David Tepper very well, but I can tell you he’s a big believer in actions > words. 

So in regards to social activism, I think you’ll see the organization look for ways to work with its players on behalf of their causes. The team’s social media channels and this website can do a better job highlighting the work players do in their communities. And with social issues at the forefront for so many, my guess is Tepper will make a concerted effort to back what his guys are doing away from Bank of America Stadium. 

I mean, there’s not going to be a lot said about a guy who didn’t have a single touch last season or much focus on a position that’s off the field more often than not. That’s not to say Armah can’t carve out a slightly more significant role than he had as a rookie or that Turner has no use for a fullback. It’s just not all that high on a list of things to anticipate in a newish-look offense.

What could be more intriguing to watch as we go through the spring and summer is if Elijah Hood can gain some traction at fullback. 

Now that’s a good point about Christian McCaffrey. Besides his hiker-turned-hero story, we haven’t heard from him since last season ended. But I did chat with him after Thursday’s OTA practice, and I’ll write up a post from that early next week. A little nugget in advance: About those pictures that have made many wonder how much he’s bulked up this offs Tomas Plekanec Jersey For Sale eason, McCaffrey says he’s only put on about five pounds. That’s all muscle, though. 

And to (non)answer your first question, it’s still so early, Cameron Artis-Payne vs. C.J. Anderson isn’t really a thing yet. 

Email from Tyler: Hey Bill. I’ve been curious on what the cornerback depth char Men’s Authentic Reebok Montreal Canadiens 14 Tomas Plekanec 2016 Winter Classic Ice Hockey Jersey t is looking like, who you think are locks, and who you think could be cut by the start of the season.

Again, it’s still so early, locks and cuts are silly to predict at a position as up in the air as corner is on this roster. 

For what it’s worth, the “starting” outside corners at OTAs this week were James Bradberry and Kevon Seymour. That makes sense since each knows the system. But free agent pickup Ross Cockrell is very much in the mix, and it’s not surprising they’re going to make second-round pick Donte Jackson work his way up the depth chart.

At nickel, Captain Munnerlyn’s the obvious first choice right now. Seymour will also get some looks there, and while Corn Elder’s healthy again, this is essentially Take 2 of his rookie season. 

I was in Atlanta on Tuesday and Wednesday, so my eyes only saw a few minutes of Thursday’s session. What did they catch? 

1.) Wearing a long-sleeved hoodie and wind pants, Anderson looked a bit overdressed. 

2.) It was strange seeing a number like 47 at outside corner. That was Cockrell. 

3.) It was really strange seeing someone else (Dontari Poe) in 95, the number Charles Johnson wore the past 11 seasons. 

Which leads to … 

Because he last (and only) played for the Panthers, I suppose he’d technically retire as a Panther whenever he files his paperwork with the league. If he hasn’t already.

Unless you’re talking about Charles Johnson the receiver. Who I guess could also retire as a Panther … ? 

Now we move onto the lightning round … 

Fitting Grill Bill question. 

No love for skirt steak? What about flank steak? 

I’ll take all. Or just a perfectly cooked strip. 

How much time you got? 

We don’t buy trophies … 

I spent way too much time thinking of this, but long thoughts, short:

50 duck-sized Julius Peppers is sorta creepy to think about, and while you could probably just kick them away, the sheer volume of the challenge gives me pause. But that’s the obvious pick cause HOW WOULD YOU REACT IF YOU SAW A DUCK AS BIG AS PEPPERS?!


Seymour could do m Joe Carter Throwback Jersey ore in 2018

Cornerback Kevon Seymour competing for a chance to start opposite James Bradberry.

CHARLOTTE – Inadvertently, Kevon Seymour was the p Justin Smoak Blue Jays Jersey erson who told fellow cornerback Daryl Worley that he had been traded away by the Panthers.

“When I heard it had happened, I called him up,” Seymour said. “He didn’t even know.”

After telling his close friend about the trade, Seymour then paused to think about the message the move sent to him.

“You can be here one day and gone the next,” Seymour said. “It’s tough to see a brother go, but it’s a part of the business.”

The business of football continued in the weeks after the trade leading up to the start of organized team activities this week. The Panthers nearly signed free agent corner Bashaud Breeland – the acquisition derailed by a medical concern – and soon after they did sign corner Ross Cockrell. Come the draft, Carolina selected corner Donte Jackson in the second round.

But so far at OTAs, it is Seymour and James Bradberry owning the first-team reps on the outside.

“I’m not really focused on where I stand and paying too much attention to that,” Seymour said. “It’s just about being consistent and showing that I can do it – just making them believe in me.

“Last year it was a quick transition; this year I’ve got the whole spring and fall camp to show them that I can be that corner to step up.”

When 53-man rosters around the league were finalized on the last Saturday in September, Seymour began preparing for his second season with the Bills. But within a couple of hours, Seymour was traded to the Panthers for wide receiver Kaelin Clay and a 2019 seventh-round draft choice.

Eight days later, Seymour was active for the Panthers’ opener at the 49ers, though he played just one snap on defense. Bradberry and Worley were the clear starting corners, but Seymour stood at the ready.

 Joe Carter Jersey “I caught onto everything pretty fast,” he said. “In Buffalo, the system was kind of the same, so that gave me an edge, a little bit of a head start. I came over and just did whatever they wanted me to do. One week they’d say, ‘Kee, we need you on the inside.’ The next week I’d be outside or playing both. I did whatever they needed.”

In Week 4 at the Patriots, they needed Seymour to start with Worley sidelined by a strained pectoral. In Week 6 against the Eagles, Worley was healthy but the Panthers gave Seymour more snaps as a part of a rotation opposite Bradberry. Seymour played at least 30 percent of the snaps in five of the final nine games – and at least 50 percent in three of them.

Seymour was expected to play a valuable role in the NFC Wild Card at the Saints – his second  Men’s Mitchell and Ness Vintage 1993 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Throwback Jersey start of the season had come at New Orleans, when he split snaps evenly with Worley – but instead he missed his only game of the season.

“It was one of the worst feelings I’ve had,” said Seymour, who developed flu-like symptoms a couple of days before the game but seemed to be better after traveling with the team. “They gave me fluids, had me rest up because they said, ‘We need you to go tomorrow.’ Then the next thing you know, the morning of the game I woke up with a fever.

“I ended up having to watch from the hotel. It hurt bad. It was just terrible.”

Carolina’s season ended with a 31-26 loss, a game that did nothing to quell concerns about the future of the secondary as Drew Brees racked up 376 yards through the air. This offseason, the Panthers gave Seymour a vote of confidence by trading Worley before picking Jackson in the second round and safety Rashaan Gaulden in the third round of the draft.

“They’re great additions to the family,” Seymour said. “D-Jax is super-fast, super-quick. I went 4.3 (4.39 at the 2016 combine), but I didn’t have his 4.3. His 4.3 (a combine-best 4.32) was close to a 4.2.”

Seymour is also excited about the addition of Gaulden, calling him “very athletic, real vocal.” The rookies learning the ropes behind Seymour so far at OTAs as the Panthers try to bounce back from a trying year in terms of pass defense.

Seymour sees a solution on the horizon, and he sees himself as a pivotal part of it.

“As a group, we just want to play fast, get back to ‘Thieves Ave.’ When the ball is in the air, it’s a free ball – play it like it was thrown to us,” Seymour said. “We’ve got some great DBs, a very athletic group, and we don’t really listen to the chatter.

“I’m just going out there every day and giving my all so I can be the best me for the team so that I can help this team to be great.”

Joe Carter Throwback Jersey David Tepper off to a winning start

It was only a first impression that lasted under seven minutes, but the soon-to-be Panthers owner won his first major press conference.

ATLANTA – Close your eyes for a moment and think a Justin Smoak Blue Jays Jersey bout a prototypical NFL owner. 

What do you imagine? 

I’ll tell you what I see.  

Stuffy. Full of buzzwords. Buttoned-up. 

Based on first impressions, that’s no Joe Carter Jersey t David Tepper. 

“I should have worn a better shirt,” he quipped shortly after he was unanimously approved by NFL owners to buy the Panthers. 

In a way, Tepper had on the perfect shirt. That’s because he forgot the cufflinks that pair with the nicer shirt he planned to wear. But tell me, do you think a guy this self-deprecating was all that concerned about his button-down?

“I have a great appreciation of how stupid I am,” Tepper said when asked if he plans to make changes to the football side of the team he’s buying. “Sometimes it’s better to do nothing than to do something. So I think you want to be very careful before you do anything.” 

Again, this is all based on first impressions of a press conference that included four questions and fell short of seven minutes. But it was hard not to come away impressed, or at the very least enter Joe Carter Throwback Jersey ta Men’s Mitchell and Ness Vintage 1993 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Throwback Jersey ined by his candor. 

He may not have said them in a typical way, but Tepper said all the right things. 

“I think it’s a great football area,” Tepper said of the Carolinas, “good people – like Pittsburgh people. So I was very comfortable down there.”

And when asked about potentially moving the team from its home, Tepper went rhetorical.

“What’s the name of the team? … Carolina Panthers. It’s going to be the Carolina Panthers. There is a logical place for this team – it’s Charlotte. 

“Listen, Charlotte is the logical place for a stadium. As far as the new stadium, again, you’re asking too much. The only thing I have, and I’m working on it right now, is a lack of knowledge. I’ll call it stupidity. So I’ve got that down. So I’ll learn a lot more in the future. I like to know what I know and I know what I don’t know. So I don’t want to say too much about what I don’t know.”

So Tepper stuck to what he clearly does well. He charmed and disarmed. 

“Do you color that hair or is that a real haircut?,” he asked NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport.

“You know I’m from Pennsylvania,” he reminded another reporter after another exchange about hair – or lack thereof. 

Maybe one day we’ll look back and see this brief press conference as a high water mark. The Tepper era is, after all, in a honeymoon phase. But it sure looks like it could be a fun ride. 

“If I’m moving some place and we’re doing this in Carolina, the first thing I care about is winning. The second thing I care about is winning. And the third thing I care about is,” sai Justin Smoak Jersey d Tepper as he paused to let the room answer the obvious. 

“And that’s on and off the field. That includes the charity aspect, the community aspect and how you make a community better. So you win a lot of ways, and I don’t like to lose in any way.”

And on this day, at least, David Tepper won the press conference.

Transcript: David Tepper pres Joe Carter Throwback Jersey s conference

David Tepper addresses the media in Atlanta after being unanimously approved to be the next owner of the Carolina Panthers.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell: “The first subject (at the NFL Spring League Meeting) was the sale of the Carolina Panthers. David Tepper met with the finance committee this morning and got a unanimous approval from the finance committee. We presented him to the membership and he got a unanimous approval from the ownership. So we’d like to congratulate David and welcome him to the NFL. We’re thrilled to have him.”

David Tepper: “Listen, I’m thrilled about this. It’s more than fantastic I guess. I’m willing to answer any questions that ya’ll have.”

On his motivation for buying the Panthers: “Well, I’ve been with the Steelers for nine years (as a minority owner), so I’ve been hanging around this league for a little bit of time. When this opportunity came up – listen, I think it’s a fantastic place with a great football tradition. I think it’s a great football area with good people. People make fun of me for saying it, but they’re just good people – I don’t know how to say it any other way than they’re like Pittsburgh people. I was very comfortable down there. For me, we do a lot of charity around the country, and it’s a fantastic platform to expand on charity too and those sort of things.”

On changes planned for the Panthers: “Well I can’t change much before I actually buy the team, and I don’t know exactly what’s there because I haven’t been there. So for me to exactly speak about that as far as what I’m going to do is almost impossible. But I’ll say this – and this has nothing to do with whatever is there because I don’t know – but for me a couple of things: I’ve had a business for 25 years, and I’m a person that believes for equality for everyone, men and women. Versus me talking about what happened – anything good, bad or indifferent in the past – the past is the past, and the future will be that.”

On any plans related to team’s location and stadium: “What’s the name of the team? The Carolina Panthers. It’s going to be the Carolina Panthers. There is a logical place for this team, and it’s Charlotte. It is th Justin Smoak Jersey e Carolina Panthers. That means this team has to have some kind of presence in the Carolinas. How many are there? That’s right, there are two (Carolinas). Listen, Charlotte is the logical place for a stadium. As far as a new stadium, you’re asking me too much. The only thing I have a market on right now is a lack of knowledge – I’ll call it stupidity. I’ve got that down. I’ll learn a lot more in the future. I’m a person who likes to know what I know and know what I don’t know. I don’t want to say too much about what I don’t’ know.”

On whether he’ll have any minority owners and his plans for the football side of the organization: “Again, we’re not going to be there until July (when the transation becomes official) to do anything, so the second question I’m going to put off until then because I don’t think anything is appropriate. But I do think there’s a great team right now, and the biggest thing I can do – answering the same as I did the last question – is that I have a great appreciation for how stupid I am, and som Men’s Mitchell and Ness Vintage 1993 Joe Carter Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Throwback Jersey etimes it’s better to do nothing than to do something. I think you want to be very careful and move very carefully when you do anything.

“Minority partners? I’m trying to figure out the structure right now. Obviously there are some advantages to having some local partners. I’m trying to determine the development I want to have in the community. The more development there is in the community, that might make it more difficult to have minority partners. If you want to have, for instance, an MLS team or something like that – which might some sense if you are in fact in Charlotte – or you do other things, I’m just trying to determine that in the next six weeks. If I’m moving someplace and we’re doing this in Carolina, the first thing I care about is winning. The second thing I care about is winning. And the third thing I care about is…you guys are smart. That’s on and off the field. That includes the charity aspect, the community aspect and how we make a community better. You win in a lot of ways, and I don’t like to lose in any way.”

David Tepper app Joe Carter Throwback Jersey roved to purchase Panthers

The NFL unanimously approved the sale of the Carolina Panthers to David Tepper at the Spring Meeting in Atlanta.

ATLANTA – David Tepper was unanimously approved as the new owner of the Carolina Panthers on Tuesday at the NFL Spring Meeting.

Commissioner Roger Goodell revealed that both the finance committee and the league’s owners were unanimous in their support of Tepper taking over the franchise founded by Jerry Richardson, who was in attendance for the session at the Whitely Hotel and received an ovation from league executives before exiting.

“I’m thrilled about this,” said Tepper, the founder and president of global Joe Carter Throwback Jersey  hedge fund Appaloosa Management, L.P. and a well-known philanthropist.  

Tepper, a Pittsburgh native, had been a minority owner of the Steelers since 2009.

“I’ve been with the Steelers for nine years, so I’ve been hanging around this league for a little bit of time,” Tepper said Joe Carter Jersey . “When this opportunity came Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 14 Justin Smoak Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey  up – listen, I think it’s a fantastic place with a great football tradition. I think it’s a great football area with good people.

“I was very comfortable down there. For me, we do a lot of charity around the country, and it’s a fantastic platform to expand on charity too and those sort of things.”

Later in his press conference, Tepper was asked about his plans for the team’s location.

“What’s the name of the team? The Carolina Panthers. It’s going to be the Carolina Panthers. There is a logical place for this team, and it’s Charlotte,” Tepper said. “This team has to have some kind of presence in the Carolinas.”

Since the sale won’t officially be finalized until July, Tepper didn’t feel it was appropriate to comment on the structure of the organization or any potential changes.

But he made his primary objective very clear.

“The first thing I care about is winning. The second thing I care about is winning. And the third thing I care about is… you guys are smart,” Tepper said. “That’s on and off the field. That includes the charity aspect, the community aspect and how we make a community better. You win in a lot of ways, and I don’t like to lose in any way.”

Greg Olsen: Good ‘Day One’ on Joe Carter Throwback Jersey and off field

Offense gets first chance to line up against defense as organized team activities begin.

CHARLOTTE – The fourth time Greg Olsen caught himself using the term, he paused to explain.

“I’m not a cliché person,” Olsen said, “but it literally is Day One.”

Changes have been afoot for a while both on and off of the field for the Carolina Panthers, and Tuesday qualified as a resounding restart point on both fronts.

While NFL owners in Atlanta worked toward approving David Tepper as the new owner of the franchise, Olsen and his teammates worked toward taking ownership of their new on-field look when organized team activities – OTAs – kicked off Tuesday morning.

“It was good – the first day kind of putting it all together after a good five weeks of individual stuff, workouts and stuff on the field with coaches introducing some new terminologies, new plays, new philosophies,” Olsen said. “Now you get a chance to come out on the field and put it all together. Day One is Day One, but it’s a start.”

The Panthers fundamentally are the same team that reached the playoffs four of the past five seasons with Olsen often in the middle of it all, but every season brings change and this one is bringing plenty.

Following a flat season  Joe Carter Jersey offensively that saw Olsen miss time for the first time since he was a rookie in 2007, the Panthers brought in Norv Turner as offensive coordinator and then added several new pieces at the skill positions.

Tuesday marked the first day the new offense was allowed to line up opposite the Panthers defense.

“We have a lot of good players, a lot of guys who are doing a good job and are coming in here with a good attitude for work,” Olsen said. “I think we’re in good shape personnel-wise and scheme-wise; now we’ve just got to find where that all marries up Justin Smoak Blue Jays Jersey  and put that all together.”

Having Cam Newton under center certainly qualifies as a good starting point. Newton was an interested observer this time last year coming off shoulder surgery, but he’s healthy this spring.

“Having our quarterback out here, full go, full reps, it’s a huge difference from last year – especially with us installing a new offense with some new wrinkles, new terminology, new ways it’s been coached,” Olsen said. “All of these reps are very valuable.”

Turner is taking over an offense that was born from his philosophies, brought to Carolina by Rob Chudz Women’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 14 Justin Smoak Toronto Blue Jays Alternate Royal Blue Jersey inski, tweaked by Mike Shula and fashioned to fit with Newton’s unique talents.

Now it’s Turner’s turn.

“I’ve enjoyed hearing his philosophies on offense and implementing things the way he wants them done,” Olsen said. “There’s always a little transition. He wants things done a certain way, and it’s my job to kind of alter what I’ve done.

“But he’s also very flexible with some things we’ve done in the past. He has a real sharp mind, a real open mind. It’s been great to work with Norv.”

And, for Olsen and Co., it’s great to be working toward the season opener, one step at a time. As steps go, Tuesday was a pretty big one.

“It’s been good to have the rookies out here, and we were able to sign some good veterans in free agency,” Olsen said. “Again, it’s Day One. But you’ve got to start somewhere.”

Will one of the undrafte Justin Smoak Canada Day Jersey d guards be the next hidden gem?

Carolina has to replace Andrew Norwell, a former undrafted guard himself. Three rookies with plenty of college starting experience have a chance to make their mark.

CHARLOTTE – Four years ago, Andrew Norwell came to Carolina as an undrafted free agent with next to  Justin Smoak Canada Day Jersey nothing expected fr Blue Jays Canada Day Jersey om him.

But he worked his way into a starting role as a rookie and became one of the top guards in the NFL. His contract reflects that, as Jacksonville made him the highest paid guard in the league this offseason.

With Norwell departing via free agency, the Panthers have an opening at left guard. And there’s a new group of undrafted rookies who find themselves in the same situation Norwell was in back in 2014 – something head coach Ron Rivera made sure to mention when he gave a presentation to the rookies ahead of the two-day minicamp.

Brendan Mahon from Penn State, Taylor Hearn from Clemson and Kyle Bosch from West Virginia were all recruited by Carolina after the draft concluded.

Can one of them become the next Norwell? Hey, it doesn’t hurt to dream.

“It would be nice to follow in his footsteps,” Hearn said with a smile.

But there’s a lot that has to happen between now and reaching Norwell’s level.

First order of business is getting over the disappointment of not being drafted.

“It was tough. Growing up, you always think about hearing your name called on draft day,” said Hearn, a two-year starter who helped Clemson win the national title in 2016. “When that didn’t happen, I was a little discouraged. But I’m just going to use that as fuel to work harder and prove myself even more.”

And before any of these guys can think about the starting lineup, they have to prove they belong on the roster.

“I’m not anywhere close to (Norwell’s level) right now,” said Mahon, a steady four-year starter for the Nittany Lions. “I’m looking to work as hard as I can to try to make an impact on this team and have a role here. That’s the goal.”

Using Norwell as a guide would be a solid place to start.

“His play is really the role model for me, not his other success,” Mahon explained. “The success he had as a free agent – obviously that’s a motivator. But I look at his play. He plays physical, he’s nasty and he finishes blocks. I’ve watched a lot of film on him, and it’s amaz Marcus Stroman Canada Day Jersey ing.”

Truth is, Norwell’s individual success story is incredibly rare and will be extremely difficult to replicate.

An undrafted free agent like Mahon was most concerned about finding the right fit to give himself the best chance at keeping an NFL career alive.

“The style of my play fits with the downhill run game and physical mentality – that was the conversation me and my agent had,” Mahon said. “Carolina was pretty much the top of my list throughout the process. If you would have asked me a month-and-a-half ago, I thought this was number one for me. I couldn’t be happier.

“I got the call, and no matter when it came, it came.”

#PanthersFans share their passion and s Justin Smoak Canada Day Jersey tories

Bank of America and the Panthers have teamed up to bring you a look at some of the most passionate fans around.

Bank of America and the Panthers have teamed up to bring you a look at some of the most passionate fans around. See for yourself. And share your Panthers passion and story on Twitter using #PanthersFans.

“Baby Luke”

Jacob and Jerrianna Roland got engaged at a Panthers game, had a Panthers themed wedding Marco Estrada Canada Day Jersey  and named their son after Pro Bowler Luke Kuechly. Safe to say, Carolina football is a way of life for them.

“Diane Brown”

Since 2015, Diane Brown has been to almost every road game. But what made these games extra special was being able to attend them with her sister. This is their story.

“Gustavo Gonzalez”

Gustavo Gonzalez is bringing new traditions to his family with the help of the Panthers on gamedays. This is his story.

“Family Tailgate”

Football brought Dan Sellers and Weston Andress together over 20 years ago. Their once small tailgate has grown to over 100 regulars (including their children’s children) outside Bank of America stadium. This is their story.

“Margaret Johnson”

The game is more than just a game for Margaret Johnson — it’s a celebration of life. Against all the odds, the 88-year-old rallied to see her b Men’s Majestic Flexbase Authentic 14 Justin Smoak Toronto Blue Jays Canada Day Red Jersey eloved Panthers play with her family right beside her. This is her story.

“The Garage Mahal”

The Buchanan’s garage is not just a place where #PanthersFans gather on game days. The garage is really the creation of two people, whose love of the Carolina Panthers is so deep, they want to share it with as many people as possible. This is their story.